Temple Boys in Thailand

In Thailand, many boys work in churches as temple boys. These boys help their monks in alms when they go from village to village. The Church is the monks of alms and the career of food. The church's boy organizations are the monks when they are daily alien collections.

If there are many monks and novices in a temple, the collection of alms is usually divided into several routes. On some routes, only one church boy helps the monks while others may have two or more. This usually depends on the amount and quantity of food offered by people.

Returning to the temple, temple boys prepare meals for monks and beginners. As a religious rule, monks should not consume food unless it is presented by a poet. This excludes water and liquids. After the monks finish their meal, the temple boys keep the food for the monks before the second meal, which must be held before the afternoon. However, if certain monks to the Buddhist instructions strictly, then only one meal per day. The remnants are eaten by the temple boys, because the monks and the beginners eat the peace. After the afternoon, the only food that monks and beginners consume is liquid like water or pasteurized milk.

A temple boy takes the work of a maid in a temple. The only difference is that the temple boy is not paid for the work. The son of the church receives free food, accommodation and merit in return for his work. Most poor farming families send boys to the temple to live temple boys. This is the way their sons get free food and accommodation. However, there are cases where rich families live in the church temple compounds.

The life of a church boy in the village may be difficult if the rural farmers are poor. As a result, meals offered to monks would be extremely limited and it is very common for little boys to be left to the temple boys after the monks and beginners after the meal.

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