Teenage Pregnancy Solutions

Today we live in a world that is a world of innovation and freedom. It is a fact that the new generation is always on the stage of discovery. They try to try different things, especially when it comes to sex; We have to admit that teenagers are curious about this. Statistics show that the birth rate of teenagers has risen to 200 percent since the 1960s, and four of them aged 18 years are pregnant and half are 21 years pregnant. If this is the case, Parents should be cautious about knowing the teenage pregnancy of children.

Causes of pregnancy:

According to experts, there are several reasons for pregnancy. One of the main reasons is that they think the baby is changing their lives as if they were with their friends or would be closer to their family and friends. But what they do not know is that if an infant gives more responsibility for his life. Pregnancy is a lifestyle change experience. Parents should tell their children that pregnancy is not just a gaming machine; Their children need to know that pregnancy is not a solution to the problem or to the excuse of rebellion. Changing life expectancy for a lifetime

Many countries support contraceptives and safe sex for teenagers, especially because of the astonishing inflation of the population of recent decades. One good example of this is Red China. The two children's policies were implemented because of the excessive population. If a citizen counts for a third child, the mother is obliged to interrupt the child or is executed for breach of the law. Therefore, the Chinese authorities are usually considered to be one of the high-value users of the pregnancy test as testing elisa kits for early pregnancy.

According to statistics, China's population rose to 2 billion in the '90s only. The government continues despite the scarcity of resources and famine. He believes that if all the people in China are to leap, then the Pacific earthquake will cause a catastrophe for the nearby countries. It's a seemingly fun idea, but it would have serious consequences if we take it seriously.


Teens are always curious about sexual intercourse. They would do their best to ease their selfish joy and we can not withhold them if they are determined to do so. Teenagers are usually frequent customers of pregnancy kits or elisa kits. In such an early age they already know what to do and what tests they need to do in case of suspected pregnancy. Therefore, before innocent flirtation and youthful adventures lead to pregnancy, parents must understand the responsibility and consequences of pre-marital sex.

Many Christians oppose sexual education because they claim that the teaching of young children is impervious to sex. This practice loses its innocence if it is exposed to such immorality. In my opinion, sex education should be taught at home and in schools. This is the best place for topics where teenagers are better able to understand the underlying costs and gain sexual intercourse.

Please note that abortion is not a solution to pregnancy pregnancy. If you know the side effects of abortion, you should think twice before doing it. It is said that abortion poisoned the mother if certain parts of a child abandoned in the mother's womb remain.

I take the big NO to abortion because it is not only unethical but also morally.

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