Summer in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a great place at any stage of the year, but in summer you have to offer it that you can't imagine. One of the least known activities for tourists is the Santo Domingo International Book Fair in May. This book fair is ideal for those book worms who love meeting national and international authors while browsing the latest bestsellers. This book fair is located in Juan Pablo Duarte Plaza de la Cultura and is recommended in advance.

If you want something more traditional when you want to go on holiday in the Dominican Republic, why not dive? The beautiful warm waters make this place a perfect dive spot in summer. Imaginary snorkeling? You can also try this test by bringing the whole family with you and enjoying the fun.

t For an unforgettable experience, visit the center today, you will not regret it! There are 12 dive sites that you can choose from and they will travel by boat for 10 minutes. You will see many underwater creatures such as lion fish, sea fans, fish, sponges and much more. Even an old, sunken fishing boat can be discovered when there are three big lions calling home.

There are so many underwater activities that you can enjoy in the Dominican Republic in the summer, and when the sun falls down, one of the best ways to cool down is to immerse yourself in the Caribbean and the Atlantic. It doesn't matter that you have never shared it before; you can experience the joy of fish, corals and much more when immersed in warm waters. Up to 4 people can live at the same time, so look ahead and look forward to a enjoyable life!

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