Style in the World: Fashion Trends in Different Countries

Trends and styles differ greatly from country to country, even city to city. Whether traveling to Russia, Berlin or Tel Aviv, fashionable drastic differences are likely to be a cultural shock for anyone. Whether you are planning to travel around the world or just be interested in what fashion is in other countries, here are some of the major cities and some of the current trends. St. Petersburg: When it comes to the Russian style, it's all about dressing. No matter where you go, even if you just wanna sweat pants, it's better if the cute Victoria's Secret Sweat trousers are not the ugly gray that resembles the American. If a woman wants to fit, her hair, makeup and nails must be perfectly ready. Russian women love to look good. They like sexy clothes like tight pants and low-cut tops. If it is cold (of course it will be cold), then wear a waist, tight pants and very high heels. If you want to stand, you wear shoes when you are a woman and wear your shoes when you are a man. The shoes are only appropriate if you are in the gym. After that, the Russians love style, but they do not necessarily have to be an expensive style. You can get wholesale clothes when they look expensive.

  • Tel Aviv: Israel is an interesting place and you will find that the country is full of many different styles. But generally, the Israeli style is about comfort. This is actually the opposite of Russian style. Very rarely, you will see an Israeli girl wearing relatively high heels, even in a nightclub. The Israeli style is quite subdued, even the hippies. Often, both men and women wear sporty dreaded locks, wearing vintage clothes. Women love loose knit jeans trousers, cute dresses to ride the bicycle, and are always comfortable sandals. Israel is usually a very hilly place, so it has to be comfortable. Israel is so discouraged that they are likely to see people wearing jeans on weddings.
  • Berlin: Berlin is the capital of fashion and here you will see some funky trends that you probably will not see anywhere else. There are some important trends that are popular in Berlin, but the "hipster" is definitely included. It's a city that certainly knows how to be afraid, and the fashion you see on the street shows. Style can only be described as mainstream, does not fit and anything goes. Dresses in the 80s, high tops, more garments and funky hair. The style slightly has a Tokyo aesthetic feeling, but maybe a bit rough on the edges. If you look for authenticity, you have to go here.
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