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If we are a medical traveler, there may be cases when a travel order is taken in a hospital where regular employees have strike. The usual benefit of standard strike situations is higher wages per hour than normal. In fact, there are some travelers who work almost exclusively in a strike situation, and rewards do not just balance the disadvantages.

Attack capabilities have some unique features. First, make sure you're likely to get in a position where collectors will see you as an "enemy" to a person who interferes with leverage to negotiate a better contract of employment. It is wise to ask your colleague about whether the pickets in a given city can be in actual hospitals during their protest or if they are on the street. This can make a difference in what you experience when you enter and exit the hospital. Closer demonstrators are allowed, the more confusing and dangerous the situation. I would also suggest asking the security staff to send them back to the hospital from the hotel (I was transported to the hospital.) A van with several other travelers in the recent strike situation) as well as safely accompanying the hospital. Coincidentally, if the hospital deems it necessary, it can be placed in the hospitals itself and should not travel back and forth to a hotel.

Even though your pay is usually larger, your term of office may be short for at least two weeks, and the opportunity to continue strike will be renewed. Strike situations may last for a short or long time, and usually conclude a settlement agreement. Normally, you will be guaranteed at least one hour or lift, even if the strike is due before the end of the scheduled order until the first business day (make sure the warranty is in the contract, written, not verbal!). However, if the strike arrives at the destination or before reporting the first working day, this guarantee is generally invalid. In addition, in the case of a strike order, you are asked to work longer than usual, providing a minimum of time and often to share the residence, usually a hotel room, with another traveler. While receiving food, keep in mind that coffee staffs often strike, so the information provided is sometimes less than wonderful. Nevertheless, even if you say, as long as I ask all the right questions and comes up with the understanding of what special qualities it has. this is the kind of task you will find strike situations are quite lazy and even FUN, especially when you meet an interesting "actors" (myself!) that all arrived to work the strike situation with a good attitude.

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