Steps to Create WordPress Blog

Blog is a great tool for ranking search engines. This article will show you how to create your own WordPress blog.

Keyword research is the first thing and probably the most important task that can be done unless you're designating your own brand. If that's what you're doing, you just get a URL with your name.

The first tool you can use for Keyword Search for the Google Keyword Tool. Just type in Google and it will be the first. If you have niche in mind, you can start typing these keywords and see if there are enough searches. You do not want too many searches because you can not compete. It takes a long time to rank these keywords and your competition is probably between deep pockets.

Next you can use the free wordtracker tool. With this tool, you can find long-tailed keywords that get enough searching and can no longer be considered a domain name.

There is a toolbar that's really useful and can be downloaded with cashkey keys. Find the above keyword search tools and everything in one place. Very practical.

Then you want to get your domain name you found from your research. You can find the domain name vendors and pick one to get the domain. Whichever you choose, I simply get the basic domain package that will suffice.

Hosting is the next thing in the list. There are many hosting companies, so you have to do the homework. They have different hosting plans. Once the storage has been set up, you need to go back to the hosting provider and have to register the DNS server so that people can find your domain on the web.

We're almost there. You will need to log in to your site back office or cPanel. Scroll down to the page and click Fantastico. Then you will see WordPress. Click on it and follow the instructions. You can install WordPress Essential Base in the root directory

You can now enter WordPress's storage by adding your domain name and adding wp-admin. If you are logged in, you will achieve two important things. You need a new theme and have a plugin you need. If you want to switch to a new topic, you need to download it to your computer. Then you have to package it with a program such as winzip. After completing this, you need to upload it to the server using an FTP program. I use a free Filezilla that you can search with Google.

With WordPress, you can easily download snap-ins from the back office. You need to know which one to use the best.

You can now start blogging. There are two kinds of posts. One is called a page and resembles static site pages. It is called the second position, and the posts are increasingly in the background as more and more are created. First, Get Out.

So there is the basis for creating a blog. You can now start publishing information about this section and become a part of the authority that has it. Everything is the best.

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