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The content of the Internet World Malayalam is much better than before. Many sites have already appeared in Google's search results in high rank. But most of the cholaletes do not know how to launch the malayalam blog using free internet blog tools. I'm just trying to teach you how to blog in malayalam.

First, you need to create an account on or other blog sites. And go to your account's setup page. Select Unicode-8 to publish the properties. Your Malayalam content will then work properly on your blog. Then a question arises. How do I write malayalam content? There are so many malayalam text editors available. But almost all of them are incompatible with Unicode settings. Varamozhi editor is a good choice in malayalam document. After filling in malayalam content, click "ctrl" + "U" button to get a unicode supported page. Then copy the entire article from the page and paste it into the blog entry page. Submitting. Malayalam's blog is ready to read to anyone.

You can also use "ilamozhi", an online malayalam text generator to create a blog. The scheme is almost the same as in the varamozhi malayalam editor.

A cyber space already exists in a malayalam blog community. That does not mean you have to get them. But increasing community membership increases your blog's popularity.

Do not wait. Start malayalam's blog now. Mammootty superstars have already started their personal blog in malayalam.

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