Starting a Blog – 4 Tips for Beginners

After you get your site on the blog (hopefully your own owned and managed site), you can look at an empty page to see what to do. Don't worry … it's happening to everyone. Have some ideas and ideas about what you want to blog, but what is the first step? How do you start? Four basic points need to be covered to make our lives easier and blogging better.


Before you actually write the task to write and get an audience, I want you to clearly define what paper you have on your new blog. Write it down. You may already have a goal that is somewhere in the back of your mind, but if you do not and you define it precisely, you will never achieve it. The undefined goal is unattainable and frustrating. You can define your blog's success in many ways: a big track, a monthly amount of money, a national award, a book binding, or just to look at your story about your cat on Google … whatever you define to meet it.

Is there a topic

What are you talking about? It may be a topic or more or more, just make sure you know what the focus of your site is. It might be a narrow focus or a wide … no matter what you know. This may change over time, but it must be at least obscure in structure.

Target Audience

Who Speaks Exactly? It's different from the topic … it's about your readers. Over 80% of the US population and over 60% of Europe are on the Internet at least once a day. It's hundreds of millions of English speaking people a day. Specifically, you can determine who the content of your blog is. Simply targeting "moms" or "people who love dogs" is very, very wide and will be lost in shuffle. Now that we strive for "two unique mothers of children", it is better to have "unique moms with two children and live at noon" fantastic.


The Internet world is in some respects the same as the real world. It emits what it has inserted. There is no magic tablet that guarantees a huge audience (though there are plenty of people willing to sell you). Take your time on your blog to do a good job. Be a reliable writer for blog readers. It is better to have a great post for 50 weeks a week, 20 weeks okay for 4 weeks.


Determine how you will measure success, determine the topic, and determine the target readers. Then take the time to make it happen. This is a lot of fun when it comes to achieving it.

Source by William P. Kelly

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