Sports in Thailand – Udomporn Polsak's Birthplace

Road to London in 2012! Anat Ratanapol

Do you know that 1974 Asian Games in Tehran (Iran) the country's idol Anat Ratanapol won two Asian Gold Medals 100 and 200 meters). Previous Games in Thailand won two medals (gold and silver) in 1970.

Australia 2000

Did you know that Thailand's weight-loss Khassaraporn Suta won the bronze medal in the women's 58k category in the 2000s summer games in the Australian city , In Sydney


Did the Kingdom of Thailand – known as the Siam known until 1931 – is the home of many famous Asian boxers. Payao Pooltar won the bronze medal at Orlando's Maldonado (Puerto Rico) in the 48kg category at the Olympic boxing competition held in Montreal, Canada in July 1976. Twenty years later, in 1996, the nation's boxer Somluck Kamsing won the gold medal at the Olympics in the United States. Later, by the year 2000, Wijan Ponlid became Olympic champion at the 27th Olympic Games of Oceania at the expense of Bulat Jumadilov (Kazakhstan), Jerome Thomas (France) and Vladimir Sidorenko (Ukraine). Meanwhile Porchnchai Thongburan won the bronze medal. In 2004, Manus Boonjumnong gained national history when he won gold medal at the Olympic boxing competition in Athens, Greece. In 2006, Doha (Qatar) Asian Games Boonjumnong won the continental title.

Did you know that Weightlifter Udomporn Polsak became the first Thai woman to win an individual Olympic gold medal in 2004? Kg weighted Olympic title. An example of his dedication and contribution to Thailand's sports history was an idol Bangkok, the capital of the country

Spain 1992

Did you know that the Olympic Committee of Thailand sent thirty athletes Summer Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1992. They competed in water sports, athletics, badminton, boxing, judo, sailing, shooting, tennis and weightlifting. Former Olympic Games In 1988, the Asian nation sent 20 athletes to South Korea.

Did you know The country's most popular Football, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball and weightlifting.

Did you know that in March 1981 Bangkok received the XXII. 20-year Asian Championships. This event was won by South Korea, followed by Qatar (runner-up), Japan (third), Thailand (fourth) and Bangladesh (fifth). 19459003

Did you know? The nation's weight-loss Pawina Thongsuk broke the world record at the 63kg race at the 2005 World Championships in Qatar's capital. A year ago, he won a gold medal at the 28th Olympics in Greece.

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