Southern California travel trip

British adventure tour Claire thought he could increase his adventure by designing it with a man who lived in his target. On previous occasions, Claire worked with a local tour company or rented local guidance on arrival. He traveled to South Carolina in the United States and tried something else. Through, he contacted his countrymen living in Charleston, South Carolina.

With their help, he decided to move to the last week of the Charleston Spoleto Festival, and one of the wives he contacted offered to vacation in Charleston. He also suggested that Claire break the trip to experience "Chuck City" (Charleston) on the front and back of a trip to rent a car to stand up for a Christmas peach harvested freshly from the orchard.

Carolinians look at the Spoleto festival as a holiday season and while many events are directly linked to the same Italian celebration, the festival is a long and ordinary party. The well-heeled Spoleto Charleston opera, shakespeare's games and bright balls. Claire has an outdoor jazz festival, dirty dance on the street, and fireworks drank the interest in American pub-style fun. He flew with Aer Lingus after he learned that he could catch a seat on a flight that was mostly used by Spoleto cruises. As he hoped, the group accepted him during the flight and welcomed him to join them to experience Charleston's events.

Claire barely slept in Spoleto's early days. Every night in the evening she enjoyed a street party dinner, followed by a main event and fireworks. At the beginning of the following day, with a large South American breakfast, a lot of coffee, Claire visited the old city of Charleston and sailed to the port of Fort Sumter. Claire was in the power of "charging his batteries," and did not want to miss anything. From the Fort Sumter cruise, his sleepy head was on the shoulder of a British Navy attorney who also traveled to Charlton on the Aer Lingus.

He did not wake up softly until the boat got caught. After taking Claire to coffee, she asked him to join him to visit a visiting British navy at the Charleston Navy Base. On board the ship with the officers and their wives, Claire mentioned that she wanted to go to a peach and they all got involved. Two days later, he was shot in a four-car convoy when British navy couples stationed officers on the "Royal Mountain Battlefield" to honor Major Patrick Ferguson and his British men were killed in the American Revolutionary War.

For Claire's stoppage in the peach of apricot flower stopped the climax of the celebration. For the first time in his life, Claire had shed a great deal on a dead, mature, freestone peach. The incredibly sweet juice exploded in your mouth! She frowned, pressed her chin, and dressed in her clothes. With cheering and laughing newly established friends, Claire experienced the signing moment in her latest adventure. # TAGscript

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