Social Bookmarking for the Insurance Agency's Web Marketing

Let's start by simply identifying the social bookmark, and then find out how it can be used as an ingredient in the online marketing plan of the insurance agency . ] Social bookmarks allow internet users (and insurance agencies) to organize, store, and manage online resources that are similarly similar to those used at a later date. Unlike old bookmarks, and just like everything else on the web, these bookmarks are easy to share and distribute. Descriptions can be added to bookmarks so users can download content (from descriptive descriptions). These descriptions may include votes (good or bad), comments, or tags (metadata). Think about the keywords with short relevant terms that belong to the target audience.


Social bookmarking users can save web pages that they want to share. These links are generally public and can be viewed chronologically, by category or by tags, or by using a search engine. I compare the Community bookmark with elements of asynchronous collaboration solutions that allow users to categorize themes in categories, projects, and so on. Based on grouping. The collaboration systems allow users to subscribe to a package of information that is very similar to social bookmarking services that provide Web feeds to their labels and lists. Obviously, social bookmarking is a simplified way of asynchronous collaboration. Feeds or subscription features allow users to recognize new bookmarks by saving, sharing, and tagging others. Collaboration and management of labels can be "folksony".

What is Folksonomy

Folksonomia is a classification system designed to address labels to categorize content from users' consensus. Insurance agencies can think of the popularity in terms of metadata and labels used by the insurance agency website and label clouds that can be used in the insurance agency blog. Simply stated, labeling allows users to collectively categorize and find information. For example, blogs often contain labels and their associated tag clouds that help you tag labels in folksony. Volunteering also helps in other ways. One of the benefits of social bookmarking is the human factor that allows users to determine the relevance of content as opposed to denial of search engines that automate the same process. By sharing, tagging, learning, and describing content, users can better determine if content genuinely adapts to their needs and that computer error or bad classification can be removed from the formula.

Most Popular Websites

eBizMBA ranked by major bookmarking sites (monthly visitors estimated):

  1. Visitors, Alexa 9 place.
  2. digg: ​​25,100,000 Individual Monthly Visits – Alexa Ranking 139.
  3. StumbleUpon: 17,500,000 Individual Monthly Visits – Alexa Rank 112.
  4. 16,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitor – Alexa Rank 135
  5. fine: 5,500,000 Individual Monthly Visitors – Alexa 342.

Your tweets, FARK, Slashdot, Newsvine and Diigo.

Practical use of the insurance agency's web marketing

Why should I deal with the Social bookmark? Social bookmarking offers businesses more web marketing opportunities:

  1. Organizing and distributing your relevant content
  2. Managing your insurance agency's website
  3. ]
  4. Improve the Insurance Agency SEO
  5. Improve Inbound Links Popularity (Go Back)


the most important agency web marketing initiatives can be higher priorities including Web 2.0 site creation and maintenance, blogging, e-marketing, e-marketing, and social media exposure (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). That said, and while thinking of social media marketing, you can quickly and easily add your community bookmark as an extra component of the agency's web marketing plans.

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