SNIP / TUCK: circumcision in the Philippines

Circumcision in our country is done not only for medical purposes. Circumcision is part of the cultural norm; To every boy who goes through puberty. Strange? This is not the case in our country. You see, circumcision was a ritual, a rhythm of passage, if we could go through the boys during that period of life. It is a cultural belief in the Philippines that the transition from man to manhood is not fully met without circumcision.

Failure to comply with this traditional Philippine custom is likely to be a joke and ridicule between your peers and relatives. Those who have not been circulated are so-called 19459004 (intact prepucio) and will be seen by those who are doing the procedure. If someone reaches uncultivated secondary school, it will be strange and disorderly. Those who reach the uncircumcised age of adulthood are considered as "proceedings". If we do not have a profound understanding and knowledge of Filipino culture then this can be considered a low form of formal harassment.

In the Philippines There is a so-called circumcision season, and these months are in April-May or in the summer months. These are the months when children are in school breaks; Thus, after circumcising, children can relax at home without losing their school during healing. In recent months, when "Fire Operations" (mass circumcision) take place in various hospitals and health clinics. Hundreds of weeping, screaming, and hustling guys lined up for this process. Circumcision in the Philippines There are two ways: surgical circumcision and traditional circumcision or "Pukpok" (powerful blows or hammering).


The new, modern, and generally accepted method of surgical circumcision. Surgical circumcision is liked by those living in urban areas where hospitals and clinics are more accessible. This is the circumcision for urban people who are more advanced and skilled enough for this type of circumcision.

There are two techniques for surgical circumcision – dorsal slot and vaginal techniques. The dorsal slot is the chosen method for those who have conditions such as fimosis (narrow esophagus) and paraphymosis (non-retractable fistula). The armor should be pulled back on the knees before circumcising. A vertical cut off the center of the penis is made. The gap serves as the basis of the penis crown and the cut of the skin. Multiple stitches are made with absorbent stitches. Of course, this happens after the local anesthetic is given. This technique was used in times when I helped circumcision. On the other hand, the sleeve technique shows a more aesthetic penis. Circular cuts are made on the penile axis, which seems to be a gap. The remaining armor should be pulled and ground. This technique is more complicated than the back gap technique. This method is suitable for older boys and adults.

Traditional Circumcision or "Pukpok"

This method has caused some debate over the years, the process itself. Many have argued that traditional circumcision or "pug" is a form of genital mutilation and abuse. This method is carried out in very rural areas of the country.

The boys team up with the local "circumcision" for traditional circumcision or "bunnies ". It is preferable for this procedure to be carried out near a river, pond or sea, because the boys need to be dumped half of their bodies to soften the penis's skin before falling under the knife. They should also be asked to chew the guava leaves that will be used later. The muzzle is placed on top of a piece of wood whose name is "lukaw ". The razor (labaha) is placed on top of the tip. The harness is removed after some quick hammering. The boy should be asked to cover the leaves of chopped guava in the wound to check for bleeding.

I'm not sure that this method is still practiced today, though there are reports that it still is.

It will be higher: Most people who are circumcised will grow and the reason is that those who are circumcised are those boys who are circumcised, Who are in growth. These boys are from 10 to 16 years of age. They are in a situation where physical changes are like rapid growth in height. Circumcision has nothing to do with that.

The penis will be bigger: Circumcision is a subtraction and not an adjunct. A part of the penis was cut off. Otherwise, if you have not succeeded in doing so. So there is no solid evidence that circumcision can cause larger penis.

It is difficult for uncircled people to get pregnant: Many factors (sperm and structural disorders, genetic abnormalities, etc.) do not take someone pregnant unless they are uncircumcised.

You're the man! "

" Binata has na! "The first words you will usually hear after the procedure is over. Once the healing is complete and the boy is free from all the physical pains that the procedure has brought, he will go with a high and impressive expression On the face of becoming a completely new person

A thousand years of tradition or not, circumcision is a choice – unless it is from a medical point of view – this is a choice by circumcising and not just what man's culture dictates. You need to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision, those who decide not to go with it should never be mocked Finally the traditional circumcision or the "pukpok" must be eliminated … completely Not only the practice is unsafe, Not sterile and brutal, but psychologically harmless to boys.

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