Sights of the city in Spain

Whether it's peaceful bays, old villages or picturesque scenery, Spain offers you to escape from your everyday habit.

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1. Las Médulas, Castile and León

The mystical landscape of Las Médulas has survived hundreds and even thousands of years after the devastation of weather and helped the landscape Making her own charm. The extraordinary, rocky rocks here are the result of Roman mining, when five tons of gold were pulled out of the mountain chains through this very specific channel.

Las Alpujarras, Andalusia

Las Alpujarras valleys in the southern region of Granada are the finest scenery in the country. This area is for the more experienced pilot, as it is full of hairpin, leading to the beautiful, white-painted village of many regions. In these settlements, you can really enjoy the truly local lifestyle around the charming central shepherds, the festive afternoon sun and the sherry welcome siesta in the evening at the local bar.

Zahara de la Sierra, Andalusia

Andalusia's beautiful southern area is known for its beautiful white towns and one of the outstanding examples of Zahara de la Sierra. You can drive from the beautiful old town of Ronda via the Spanish countryside.

It is likely to be the castle you will notice first and which is mainly located on a steep, rocky peak under which beautiful white houses gather. A really spectacular view to look at.

4. Beget, Girona

He was so deep in a valley that he would miss it unless he was looking for it. This small village in North Catalonia is definitely worth exploring, but it has changed very little for centuries and ultimately in a quiet environment that is odd.

Swim through the narrow cobbled streets to see the old stone houses and strange Little bridges crossing the river. During your dinner, enjoy the seasonal Catalan cuisine in any of the fabulous family-run restaurants.

Cadaqués, Girona

Do not worry too much about the idea of ​​the Costa Brava, with the famed reputation of sun and sea festivals. There are some very beautiful beaches in the region, and for a bit of searching it is not too difficult to find more interesting towns and quieter beaches to accommodate.

The Most Beautiful Place in the Northern Costa Brava Cadaqués is a picturesque seaside town with narrow, hilly streets with multi-layered covered homes that are still highly functional on both sides of the fully operational fishing port.

The beaches are a bit small and small, but there is much more to be captured, not to mention the great art gallery.

6. Costa da Morte, Galicia

Do not be afraid of the destination because of the popular nickname "Death Coast". This largely undeveloped region is definitely worth visiting. This is not the place to visit the tourist facilities, and that's the point. Instead head to Malpica de Bergantinos's beautiful seaside town. It's really wonderful to pass the Ezaro for wonderful scenery. The mineral rocks of the castles are diverse and appear to be glittering in the many small waterfalls.

Happy to save you a lot of money Travel Card Keep it away from the more obvious Spanish tourist destinations and watch the peaceful hidden gems. For more information, here are the best sights, while we are in Spain.

We hope you find on-site suggestions so that you can really gain insight. I hope you enjoy an exciting Spanish holiday. Whether you choose any location, we wish you a safe and happy journey!

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