Sights in Pattaya Thailand – The Shrine of Truth

The Shrine of Truth in Thailand is a wonderful way to relax in Pattaya for a day. The castle has been built over the last twenty years and is estimated to be twenty years before it finishes. A way to the shrine, and you will understand why. Woodcarves are made entirely of wood. This is a huge and beautiful structure.

The sanctuary of truth was taken by a successful Thai businessman Khun Lek. His spiritual and philosophical meaning is in architecture as well as thousands of elaborate carved sculptures and reliefs. Thailand, Buddhism, Khmer, Chinese, and Hindus.

Famous workers are working hard on the building. At the same time more than 200 employees are on site. Since it is completely crafted, it's wonderful to be 40 years old.

If you're shooting, this is one of the great places in Thailand to release the shutterbug. The stunning architecture, as well as the wonderful views of the bay make some great recordings. Statues and carvings can give many enthusiasts the enthusiastic photographer.

Arriving to the holiness of truth is very simple. It is located in the northern part of Pattaya, Nakula. The easiest way is to rent a baht bus to get you attracted and attracted. This is somewhat more expensive than the usual way along the way but is still smart enough, depending on the negotiation skills. It is wise to wait for the driver, as depending on the crowd you can find a baht bus at the exit.

In addition to the castle, there are many other sights. There are daily dolphins in the parks. A small restaurant for a quick snack. You can buy bananas and feed elephants on site. If you are looking for a motorcycle trip, you can hire more ATVs. You can ride on a field trip around the ground.

The park enrollment fee at the time of writing is about 500 baht. This cost will cover the price of an English speaking guide. Additional activities such as elephant feeding and ATV tours are extra cost.

If you want to have a fun day in Pattaya sightseeing, the Shrine of Truth has to appear on the list.

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