Seychelles' spectacular world-class resorts and attractions

Seychelles are a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, the Maldives and Mauritius. The nation, the republic, boast two UNESCO world heritage sites that consist of the Aldabra Island, the world's largest coral reef, and the Vallee de Mai, on Praslin Island, which looked like Eden's Garden.

Diving Conservation – Both the snorkel and the SCUBA – Seychelles have six national marine parks where the Coral Islands enrich more than 1,000 kinds of fish. Turquoise water, pure white sandy beaches and exotic flora and fauna make Seychelles a popular holiday destination for weddings and honeymoons as well as seamen and divers.

A Seychelles is the most famous beaches in Anse Lazio on Praslin Island. Anse Lazio is bordered by large rocks on both sides, with picturesque coconut palms, which go towards the gently floating waters of Chevalier Bay.

Mahe Island is the largest in Seychelles and the capital city of Victoria. 90% of the international airport and population are located on Mahe Island.

Perhaps the most organized resort in Seychelles is the family of romantic luxury resorts in Banyan Tree, where the locations are located in the Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and China. geography. Other highly recommended resorts are operated by Constance (Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island), Le Meridien and Taj. In addition, they will soon be able to see Four Seasons, Southern Sun, Crown and Champa Group, Universal Enterprises and Per Aquum.

Banyan Tree, on Mahe Island, covers about 117 hectares of dramatic seaside and has a 800-meter beachfront facade overlooking one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Popular land activities include hiking along well-marked nature paths, then pampering tired muscles of luxurious spas in the five-star resorts. Prémia Resort is a Praslin Athletic Championship, a PGA-certified 18-hole golf course that is challenging for amateur and professional golfers.

Surprising animals that have been found before, but now are close to the exploited these holiday islands include giant turtle and salty crocodile (caiman). Birds will be delighted with Seychelles Flycatcher, Kestrel, Blue Pigeon, Sunbird, Swiftlet, White Eye or Scops Owl. Seychelles are popular with fishermen who want to catch such wonderful trophies as sailing and marlin. Seychelles waters are also rich sharks, giant barracudas, rainbow runners and wahoos.

All Seychelles resident immigrants, the largest ethnic groups being French, African, Indian, and Chinese. The two official languages ​​are French and English.

The islands were probably first discovered by Portuguese seamen in the 16th century. France was colonized in 1756 who named the archipelago after a state official, Jean Moreau de Sechelles. The Seychelles were transferred to Great Britain in 1814 and became independent republics in 1976 and members of the British Commonwealth.

Seychelles arriving from the USA are ca. 30 hours, making Europe more popular than North Americans. But world-class scenery, scuba diving sites, luxury resorts and kitchens, not to mention friendly accommodations, the Seychelles are worth considering for anyone who does not have to worry about the budget.

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