Self Defense Weapons – What Is The Best Weapon For Self Defense?

If you are thinking about purchasing a weapon or other "self-defense device" The pepper or the alarm, you are obviously concerned about your personal safety. You know is indispensable to learn how to defend yourself now than ever! Today you should not only worry about criminals, but terrorists too! What does this world come from? Do you know what to do?

You might think, "Well, I just got a gun!" Unfortunately, realistic tests show that general weapons (or other "self defense products") are often ineffective in self-defense. Why?

Many factors contribute, but the main reason why the weapons are ineffective if the weapon is not in your hand at the time of the attack, you will never have the chance to use it. But the law does not allow you to have a pistol in your hand, and most studies have shown that people soon forget to take the various self-defense tools they buy

. pistol, or pickpocket in your wallet or pocket if you're surprised you will not have the chance to get it out before you buy it! Mace is not good if she's still in her purse, just taken out of her hand! The tests prove that 90% of the time, never gets the chance to hit your weapon before severely injuring your use.

FBI statistics and police reports throughout the country show that more than half of the cases where the victim could "get" a gun (usually sprays), the attacker knocked his hands before they could use it. Police files are filled up and used by tens of thousands of armistice victims. It is estimated that nearly one-third of the fired victims are shot with their own weapons! The numbers are even bigger than pistols and rifles.

This does not even include cases where the victim drives herself. The risk of accidents is the leading cause of the fatal wounds in both crime and crime crime. You may think that would not happen to you, but the reports prove that there are even experienced armed owners.

I know the cop, even after extensive training, when he first tried to use Mace against an unusual suspect and eventually suicide.

Unfortunately, most people have little or no training on the safe and proper use of their weapons. Inadequate or even incorrect training is the leading cause of accidental release between weapons, rifles and rifles. What do you think will happen when they try to use this weapon for the stress of a real attack?

Literally, millions of incidents have been reported, where the victim did not know how to handle the gun at all, mainly because of inappropriate training. The bases of the use of weapons are often ignored by the owners. Numbers are impressive (punctuated) in cases where stun guns do not work if they are dead because of dead batteries!

There are thousands of thousands of weapons that do not appear because they were safe and the user did not know, forgot or panicked enough to figure it out in time. At least one incident I know the victim could not shoot his gun before the criminal took it from him. Fortunately, the criminal could not figure out anything.

Defective or fraudulent products

I'm sure you bought products that did not work as advertised. How can you be sure the purchased pepper spray will work and advertise, if at all? How would you test it? Spray yourself? Spray friend? It's not a perfume! I doubt that volunteers will be helped.

When criminals attack too late, it turns out that pepper is actually only vinegar or that the 10 million-year-old stun gun does not provide much more shock than break through the carpet and touch the handle.

If you buy a police radar detector that is guaranteed to work, but no, the result is a speeding. If you buy "self defense weapons" that do not work, the result may be serious injury or even death. Relying on someone else's warranty is just a false sense of security that will only produce bad results

If you seriously think about self-defense, your best self defense weapon is your mind. When you think about what you say, then you will find out that "weapons" are only in ideal situations and you should even keep your heads clear enough to use it properly.

But the crime can not happen in ideal situations!

Self-help is the best weapon you want to know and you know what to do. The second best is your foot. It does not mean that you start kicking it! This means you have to be the first sign of trouble RUN! Escape is always a much better self defense tactic than fighting or fighting.

However, if you can not get away, your body is your best self defense weapon! Since there is not always a weapon in your hand, it is imperative to defend yourself without a weapon. But nothing was good at all against the attacker. You must learn the most vulnerable points of the human body. But this is not enough if you do not know the most effective ways to strike. You need to learn how to kick, not just where to kick.

Everyone has to do at least one basic self-defense course

What about Martial Arts?

Traditional martial arts are great for disciple, self-confidence and exercise. They can help you produce the right way of thinking when faced with a self-defense situation. But it usually takes several years to become more capable in more complex techniques.

If you have time to commit yourself to a long-term training program, martial arts is the most comprehensive training course. However, just like when choosing a self defense weapon, you have to do your homework before choosing a martial arts program. Many do not pass on the comprehensive training they promise, and most are not uneducated realistic self-defense.

Too many martial arts programs put great emphasis on sport and competition. Sport and competition-oriented martial arts are invaluable. They teach you to follow the rules and in most cases there are no rules for street fighting. If you are conditioned to comply with the rules, you can not do what's in danger. Actually you're probably doing bad and you're hurt or die.

Get a training program that focuses almost exclusively on realistic self-defense scenarios.

that facing violence alone is the victim's insurance, or just another police report. You have a car insurance, homeowner insurance, life insurance, health insurance …

What insurance does the victim of a violent crime offer? This type of insurance is only available through the appropriate training. The long-term self-defense program offers the most comprehensive training and is therefore the best possible way to learn how to deal with almost any situation. However, if you do not have time to commit yourself to a long-term program, at least some form of self-defense training without arms is better than at all. Summary

If you seriously think about self-defense, the best solution is to first learn self-defense without weapons. If you still want to buy a gun, do your homework before choosing the best weapons for you and just read the instructions that come with it and think it's ready to use it.

  • Take an hour on how to effectively use it, how to handle it safely and how it should be maintained, so it works when you need it.
  • Make regular refresher courses to remember nothing about the weapon.
  • Follow all maintenance procedures regularly.
  • The best solution is to obtain weaponless weaponry and weaponry. Do not forget that you will never feel safe until you get all the tools you need for self-defense. And all the most important weapons are your own mind and body!


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    Source by Mark A. Jordan

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