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King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table are popular with children (and adults alike) around the globe. In fact, for centuries, many visitors wanted to have a real round of experience. Some historians have a big debate with Arthur, the legendary king of England. Some of the story is thought to be just a word made for entertainment purposes

For others, the story of King Arthur and his knights remains at least partly historical facts

Arthur first mentioned "The History of Kings in Great Britain ", produced by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 11th century. Only 25 years later, we first mentioned the Round Table. The city of Winchester was known as Wessex's ancient capital, in the southwest of England. For centuries, people came to the historic city to see King Arthur's roundtable.

A table is hanging on the wall of the Great Hall, weighing more than 5 meters in diameter and 1200 kilograms in weight. On the table were the names of the 24 knights of the round table, and Arthur himself depicted on the head of the table. Over the years, it was thought that this was actually the legend of the roundtable – in fact, some suggested that Winchester's ancient city might be Arthur Camel.

In the past years, the table was more precisely dated and we now know that this could not be the actual table

Nevertheless, the Winchester roundtable dates back to the 14th century – although this is false, very old false!

Given the history of the city and its connections with such legendary characters, it is surprising that Winchester is so popular among tourists. The city also aroused several museums for younger visitors.

If you have the chance, maybe you can search for the roundtable of King Arthur

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