Search for money with AdSense and test placements on your site or blog

Google AdSense is a service provided by Google that allows bloggers and website owners to monetize ads, one of the most popular CPCs, program. Google AdSense helps them make money fast every time a visitor clicks on ads. Site owners and bloggers loved AdSense, as it's very easy to place ads on sites, and customizable and eye-catching ads tend to haunt visitors to click on them. AdSense's biggest thing is to offer contextual ads, meaning you do not have to worry about the type of ads that appear on your site, AdSense is analyzing the content of your site or blog and throwing away ads that match your site or blog content. As with your blog on baseball, Google does not interfere with your blog with irrelevant categories like music or fishing. You will receive ads that are more or less related to baseball or other similar sports that visitors like to see and facilitate the click.

After you sign up for AdSense, all you have to do is wait for a day or two to be approved and ready for it. AdSense has become popular because almost everyone can subscribe. So even if Blogger, the free services of, have registered a blog, simply go ahead and sign up for Google AdSense and pop-in AdSense ads on your blogs.

Blogger blogs can also be embedded through the AdSense AdSense widget. It's easy to paste AdSense without having a lot of technical features. Well, if you want to dynamically insert AdSense into your blog when editing a template and not from a template, you may need to do more. If you know HTML and XML, you may try to edit the template by pasting the AdSense JavaScript snippet, saving and optimizing your site to display AdSense ads. But AdSense will not just show up. The javascript code should be interpreted to harmonize with the template code of the blogger, which is in XML format. Well, that's easy, you find a useful online analyst on the Internet. Just paste the AdSense code and copy the attribute you attributed to it. Now paste this thing into your template, according to XML rules, and see AdSense soon after saving. Well, do not try this WordPress blogs. If you have a wordpress blog, just copy and paste the code provided by AdSense.

You can try AdSense on WordPress blog or blogger blog and put them in different ways to persuade you to look good. But every time you update your page, your ads will impress you in your AdSense account. Google will not make any impressions that have been successfully created with a single IP address. In this case, you can use a AdSense_adtest = "on" code somewhere in your AdSense code so that such impressions can not be counted. But impressions from visitors do not even count, and they will not earn revenue from AdSense. Well, you can test the AdSense program on WordPress blogs the right way, without losing genuine visitors clicks and turning on the adtest option when you see your blog as an administrator. For blogger blogs, you can not make such advanced settings, but you can do it manually before placing your ads and then remove AdSense_adtest = "on" .

So you can embed AdSense from WordPress or Blogger blogs, test them for changes in placements, and earn money on the go.

Source by Bishal Rajj Adhikary

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