Schengen visa application in Thailand

The Schengen Agreement is a treaty aimed at the abolition of European common borders signed on 14 June 1985. Only France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and West Germany originally signed, but now there are about 25 members. Now this group of states is known as a Schengen area.

Schengen visa

In accordance with the abovementioned agreement, a Schengen visa was created. This publisher is a consular passport or travel document permitting the holder to cross the Schengen area, provided that his or her entry conditions are met.

Schengen visa more Categories: A, B, C, D, D + C, FTD and FRTD. In Thailand, this Schengen visa "C", which is popularly requested as a short-term visa, allows the holder to visit the Schengen States for a maximum of 90 days within a six-month period.

Schengen visa application

Consulates of all members of the Schengen area may issue a Schengen visa. However, the applicant must submit a request to a suitable consulate. Three rules need to be established to determine which consulate may receive the request.

First, if you want to visit a Schengen country, you must apply it before your consulate.

Secondly, when you want to visit several Schengen states, the main consulate of destination may issue the visa. For example, the applicant wishes to go to Belgium and France, but the planned stay in France is longer, so the French consulate is the appropriate consulate for the visa.

Third, if the applicant is not sure which country will be the main destination, the appropriate consulate is the country of first entry.

Finally, when there is no consulate for the country which is the main destination or first entry of the applicant You may contact the consulate of the Schengen country, which is the country of primary destination or country of first entry for the purpose of issuing the Schengen visa.

Documentation requirements are the purpose of the Schengen Consulate and Visit. Standard documents required for this type of visa application for all consular applications are valid passports, recent photographs, application forms and medical insurance certificates. The minimum insurance coverage amount is EUR 30,000.00

Schengen visa application process in Thailand

Visa applicant can fill in the application form and receive the necessary supporting documents Request to the appropriate Thai Schengen Embassy . The process usually takes 4-5 business days. Generally, longer time is required if interviews are needed.

In the event that the applicant applies a visa on sponsorship, the Sponsor must make a formal sponsorship statement in his home country, which is issued by the applicant as the supporting evidence of the application.

While using a Visa Agent

Although this type of visa application seems simple and simple, They do not know immigration patterns and language barriers limit the application seem frustrating. In this case, it would be good to ask a qualified visa agent for the Schengen visa application in Thailand.

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