Safe to travel to Thailand this year?

Many again asked how safe it is to travel to Thailand? If you are planning to travel to Thailand this year or go beyond others, you need to know the real problems that will affect Thailand this year. Continuing political activities continues to pose a greater risk, such as motor vehicle accidents, health threats, crime and general travel delays. By reading this article, you will be much more confident in understanding the real issues that affect travel to Thailand and are entitled to maintain their travel plans, no matter what happens.

With the elections scheduled for early this year, a number of political parties intensified and led to protests by copy cats. It is now a common practice to introduce it to Bangkok and its surroundings. In recent years, political issues and tensions, which have also responded to the reversal of leadership, demonstrations, violence and even airport closures, are still unresolved. However, the reality is that it has a minimal impact on travelers in Thailand. Many forecasts and predictions by the media and political leaders are extremely inaccurate. Some of these predictions, such as the number of rally participants, were up to 90% flawed. Even if there is strong evidence, most protesters have been taken from elsewhere, paid daily and are usually presented only on weekends, holidays and non-production periods. Thailand is a big country. Thousands of people who meet anywhere are not a big deal. There is still plenty of room in the country and city for everyone, and away from local traffic and diversion issues, it has little impact on travelers in Thailand. Follow the events, note the places and avoid the direct area.

Vehicle accidents continue to increase in Thailand. Attempts to reduce injuries and fatalities around travel times, as well as the introduction of helmet laws, were a positive step, but are still far from reducing dangerous driving, difficult driving conditions, and lack of police. The frequent use of sidewalks on motorcycles, overloaded streets, unpredictable private vehicles and bad roads is a real and lasting threat to travelers. In parallel with the inconsistent standard and response of emergency services, this "survivable" event can be transformed into a life-threatening event. Where possible, use seat belts, drive driving cautiously, avoid the use of tuk-tuks and motorcycles, limit the use of mini-vans and significantly reduce the risk.

Disease, illness, hygiene, weather, food and water are the health and safety risks for travelers across Thailand. Malaria, dengue fever, and other tropical diseases are growing as a result of many travelers, tourists, and people who go abroad or even die. Poor food preparation or bad hygiene practices contribute to significant and consistent health problems for travelers. Not to mention the fact that many Thai do not know the ingredients and preparation of Western-style foods, which can cause unintended nutritional illness. Clear drinking water in Thailand is not available. This simple item in other parts of the world can have an immediate and negative impact on your health and travel activities. Pre-journey vaccination, covering areas of malaria precursor, specialty medicines, careful food intake, monitoring of diets that are different from many others, and ensuring a safe, safe drinking water ensure that you can make your holiday or business trip to Thailand in the long term is a fun or productive thing you want without disrupting your illness and illness.

There is crime in Thailand. Many tourists shocked this. This is the "smiley", but there are also local Thai criminals and gangs, as well as foreign criminals targeting foreigners and tourists. Fraud, sorting, theft, drinking, robbery, physical injury and many typical tiny crimes affect tourists daily. Be aware of the threat, take care of the guard, take into account your environment and your environment, prepare a plan, know how to ask for help, and have less chance of becoming a victim of chance or accidental violence. Forget that terrorism, political violence, the victim of gang violence or acts like chances in Thailand are low, not impossible.

Travel Delays and Disturbances in Thailand. Traffic, means of transport, English-speaking conversations, traffic hubs, congestion, tourists, over-bureaucratic processes, poor driving, "feeling of holiday", weather, all play a role in Thailand's continuing travel disruption. You must be aware of this long-term threat and take practical steps to reduce the impact. Factor in Thai instructions / instructions, enough time to travel to traffic hubs, such as airports, patient in government processing areas, in accordance with rules and guidelines, when preparing alternative plans when we encounter delays, and not trying to "over weight" the route increases security and enjoyment of the next trip to Thailand.

You need to be more aware now and be in a better position to reduce almost 80% of likely travel threats to Thailand. You should continue to be aware of the events, consider the impact on the plans, and plan the troublesome problems. Now, all of you can just guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip to Thailand, and don't let some media get worried or panic. The coming year is likely to test the preparation and understanding of the questions, but here is the key to better travel. Use it to book / confirm your trip and offer a safe, memorable and enjoyable trip to Thailand's fantastic cities and locations.

Source by Tony J Ridley

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