Rock Climbing – Thailand Location

Mention Thailand and beach, elephant and Bangkok images. Less known is the fact that Thailand is rock climbing among the best in the world

Rock Climbing

Located in Southeast Asia, bordered by Cambodia, Burma and Laos in the north and Malaysia in the south. The shape of the country is somewhat similar to Italy, and it finds similar differences between northern and southern Thailand, which it is doing in Italy. For rock climbing fans, action is in southern Thailand. The level of climbing can be as simple as bouldering or as heavy as vertical rocks. This makes Thailand a popular rock climbing destination because everyone has something.


Krabi in the south of Thailand's "tail" has many rocks. climbing challenges. Most of the rises in this area come from the pre-twisted racing range. There are literally hundreds of hundreds of times the difficulty levels of beginners to polygonal vertebrae

The beauty of climbing Krabi … well, beauty. Though you can see jungles and mosquitoes in Thailand, Krabi is a different area. Most of the climbers were placed on a rock surface on the beach. As natural capitalists, the Thai have built hotels, bars and so on in these places. As a result, you can literally travel for several hours in several ways, then swim and then beer. If there is such a thing as a rock climbing sky, many feel like Krabi

Before saving money, keep in mind that Thailand is a seasonal holiday destination. If it is in the wet season, there is a good chance that it will only drink beer. While it's not too bad, you look crazy about the upcoming climbers, but it's so far away.

In general, from late November to April, he wants to go to Thailand. The summer months are incredibly hot and wet. Before you start, make sure you make predictions for the area

Flights to Thailand are cheap, but flights are incredibly long with stops. Still, it's worth it if Thailand is rocking.

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