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Rhodes is the most beautiful Greek island that is the most pristine and fertile land of both the Dodecanese, Rhodes is unique that there is indeed something special for everyone to enjoy. It is also the largest known for being a sunny island and rarely disappointing with the weather, and all summer is hot and dry, though in the winter months the temperature is mild, not cold, and this is the worst time of the year. Despite traveling to Rhodes in April, May, September or October, it will not be too hot or too wet. The cuisine in Rhodes is a large number of ethnic and traditional Greek dishes, so if you have a great feta salad, olives and freshly baked bread you will enjoy some of the available dishes. Since there are plenty of catches on the island at sea, the menu includes calamari (squid), snails, octopus, mussel and psarosoupa. There are also Spanakopita (spinach pie), Moussaka (layered meat and sauce), Yuvarlakia (meatball sauce) and many other wonderful foods you can try. The island's traditional drink Ouzo is a very popular alcoholic drink, which is very strong but not really necessary to enjoy a lively atmosphere and enjoyment in Rhodes.

This is on the right track In the two particularly vibrant spots of the Greek traditional dance and nightlife in Rhodes, Faliraki and Kavos for those who are looking for a great mood and dance but plenty of relaxing nightlife can enjoy the warm summer evenings secluded bar or restaurant. There are a number of traditional Greek entertainment nights that can truly experience Greek culture with music, food and dance, and probably many Raki.

In the quiet villages of Lindos or Rhodes Town, where there are booths and shops aimed at tourism trade selling traditional Greek souvenirs such as pottery, ceramics, raki, local honey, local wine and some leather goods. There are always a lot of jewelery stores, because the silver quality is very good.

One of the main attractions of Rhodes Island is that one of the ruins of the seven miracles of the ancient city is the world, the Rhodes Colossians. An enormous bronze sculpture once stood in the harbor of Lindos and was built in 280, but later in the century an earthquake was destroyed. The sculpture that had ever been found since the destruction in 224BC had not been tracked. There is an Apollo Temple and an Acropolis, which you can visit on the island of Rhodes to get to know the ruins of an ancient culture. Although sailing on the island may be somewhat cumbersome as there is very limited public transport, many Rodez families have more cars and have engines in the summer months when tourism takes up the roads and roads.

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General information:

Power: 220V, 2-pin plugs

Main language: Greek

International Dialing Codes: United Kingdom to Greece 00 30, 00

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