Review: Royal Caribbean Navigator from the Seas Galveston

I've been planning this cruise for 7 months. My friend and I, who had previously traveled with Carnival and Celebrity, would like to try Royal Caribbean, after hearing a lot of positive things about the beauty of the boat, the quality of food and services, and so on. Secondly, I was surprised with the retired parents they took with them (last year I was surprised by an Alaskan cruise that I was going to look into later) and were thrilled by the excitement when they discovered they were flying again on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas. It was claimed that his favorite boat had 13 other voyages. The ship was fresh from the dry dock for updates, they decided to go for brand new destinations none of us visited: Roatan Island, Honduras and Belize City. Expectations were high. Then came the tour time. Although I refuse to say that there was some time on the cruise, I think it is fair to say that our expectations have been slightly lowered until we arrived at Galveston Harbor. Let me pass through the high and low light of life on the high seas on the seafaring navigator.

The Highlands

Our Dining Experience – We Got the Best Service The boat was the main Sapphire dining room, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful dress room I saw on a cruise ship. Walking into the dining room is like a regal opera house with a large staircase and three-level dining windows. Two of our servers were very remarkable, noting that my stepmother had to make two ice-water iced tea, two teapots and a hot water waiting every night for night. I might blame him for being a "tea box," but then in the mirror, I should look at Starbucks and turn my nose in Folgers. We all enjoyed a wide range of dining options and thought the food was of a very good quality and the clockwork worked. It was really fun to have dinner every night.

We have dinner here. I'm the blue ball.

The Cabin – The 7667 Inner Cabin (Aft Port) was a sweet home at sea this week. My parents were in 7669 in the neighborhood. There was a lot of space in an interior cabin and they had to take a completely clear place. I would say that the bed was a bit difficult but that's all Like my friend and traveling partner Jay (the cardinal guy) said he was right. The large cabinet and drawers made it possible for us to have enough space for unpacking. Our steward service was top quality, cleaned twice a day and devoted to it.

The ship – the Navigator is certainly a beautiful ship. Noteworthy is the Royal Promenade, a number of shops, restaurants and bars running after passing cruises to feel like walking down a cobbled street at sea. I recommend the Two Poets Pub for some pleasant mood and watching attention. The main atrium is wonderful, and the various lounges and bars are very classic, yet have a comfortable atmosphere. The pool is also impressive with two main pools that are lined with some hot tubs, some of which are shady. In most cases there are plenty of chairs in both the shade and the shadows, but if the cruise is full, it is better to get out early. We thought the nightclub had a pleasant touch on the boat's offer with floor-to-ceiling windows and windows on the pool deck. The boat's casino is fairly decent, but since smoking is allowed, you can come out like an ashtray.

The Grand Atrium

Beverage Package – Three of us on this cruise were the premium package for $ 55 a day, but since my father just made beer, basic package. At first glance, this package may seem a bit expensive (Royal Caribbean's beverage packages are the most expensive on the ocean), but overall we got our money. What I particularly liked was that there was basically nothing in the beverage industry with super premium products. You can pick up the Gray Goose vodka for a special fee. On the flip side there is the bar service (see below)

Theater Entertainment – If you ever find yourself in the Navigator of the Seas, do not miss the ice skating show. It was fantastic and far better than I thought. We also enjoyed the imitator of Elton János, the bar show and the adult play.

Connecting / Debugging – Fiasco, Nightmare, Eternity, and Disorganization Both. This was the worst experience of the WORST embarkation / disarmament process, and my parents, who were on 13 previous voyages, agreed. We would expect this when the Royal Caribbean sent us the email before the cruise began to arrive for a certain time on the deck on which our cabin is located. As it happened, we went to Houston and our transfer dropped us when we were there, which was 12:30. We did not step on the boat until we could not get out until after 2 o'clock because we had two different lines, all of which were moving very slowly. It certainly is not the way you want to start your vacation, and there are very few smiles on your safety and sign-in lines. Do not forget, I expected a little wait, but it was just ridiculous. I think the longest waiting I've ever seen is 30 minutes peaks. I definitely expressed my dissatisfaction with the check-in lady.

The cover was practically the same bad. Since our driver waits for us, we have decided on self-control and have given us a date and place to meet. We did this on other boat excursions, with minimal expectation, customs officers embarked on board the ship to collect the forms. In the past, we basically just left the ship. Not this time. When we arrived at the designated location, we waited for another 45 minutes, just to get out of the way. After lying on the boat, find out what? Another line, another 45 minutes to pass through the habits. Thanks to my leader, I was accused of charging Royal Caribbean and Galveston port.

Bottom line – I will never travel from Galveston, Texas, because I'm obviously not able to handle the amount of people offered by ships. Basically, Royal Caribbean left a negative first impression and a negative impression.

Service – Apart from our server, dinner at the bar and lounge on the boat was the best on average and of course not what I am. There has been a cruise. While some bartenders had standouts, they generally perpetuated a drink and often felt as if the turmoil was a bartender or server. The worst service was probably in the pool bar. Some people say I'm too demanding, but when I spend the unlucky money on vacation I want a decent service. Period. I did not really pick up this cruise. My parents also noted that "things are not exactly the same cruise" as their previous experiences on the navigators of the seas. Kids, Kids, Kids … Okay, probably with some eyes – It's about it, and maybe for some it would not be negative, but too many children took over the main pool area on this boat. Like elsewhere, parents partially blame here for small monsters to shrink and blow others into the main pool, but I blamed Royal Caribbean for not following the pool rules. In the past boat excursions, children were not allowed in the hot tub, but they were in it. I let you know that there is only an adult pool and a whirlpool, but the problem is that there is no fun there (not that you can write anything from the home to the entertainment of the main pool)

You can not take any excursions on this cruise I can not talk about their quality. We have heard various remarks about the excursions at excessive prices and not worth the money. An excursion arrived more than an hour late and had to ship to the ship when they departed from Honduras.

Judgment – If you had to choose between Royal Caribbean and Carnival, then it is likely Carnival on the basis of past experience. I'm not completely closed to give another chance to Royal Caribbean, but I should have told you to bring it back.

Source by Rick Cohoon

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