Reiki certification can be difficult

Reiki certification or finding local Reiki teachers can be difficult. For example, I live in Virginia, and while I'm studying massage therapy, reflexology and even shiatsu at a nearby institute, I can not learn Reiki.

No official Reiki rating. Training can take days or years. There is no need for special background or justification for Reiki therapy, and in most states there is no need for a certified massage therapist.

But if you plan to open a practice, you must check state and local laws. For example, in Florida, there is a need for a certified masseuse therapist before you can do the Reiki. That is, if you charge a fee. The certified massage therapist only lasts six or seven months, depending on which school you are attending, but very few people offer Reiki certification. In addition to administering state laws, many cities require permits. In order to get permission to practice massage therapy, 500-750 hours of learning is required. Then there is a National Certification Exam.

The more certificates the therapist has, the easier it will be to find a job or get customers, but Reiki certification may not be added to your resume. If you live in California, you can find Tu Na, Seitai Shiatsu, Thailand's Medical Massage and Jin Shin Acutouch, but there are still no local Reiki teachers, at least those who advertise.

Canadian colleges offer a sort of Reiki rating. Continuous education programs are offered to those who already have a professional massage therapist certificate.

You may find local Reiki teachers if you live in Minnesota, but you will still be unable to obtain a formal Reiki qualification. Practice is not adequately controlled or controlled by government, primarily because there is no adverse side effect and as long as a therapist does not advise the patient to abandon conventional medical treatment, it can not cause harm.

An alternative to local reiki teachers is distance learning. Some say that art can not teach independently. Others say that anyone can learn the Reiki and use his power to improve his own life and the life of his loved one. There are usually no courses in the Reiki Certification companies since the goal is to teach as many people as possible.

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