Regular or extensible limo?

Limousines are airport services, banquets, weddings, and so on. And they represent a significantly different mode of transport for style, size and comfort. Many regular limousines are created in the form of a conventional vehicle such as Lincoln city cars. Any vehicle that meets high-end comfort and has a driver can be regarded as a limousine

What an occasion?

While the lively version of the limousine is more extravagant and perfect for special events.

A traditional limousine such as a luxury salon or sedan is a common sight for airport runners, business trips in unknown cities or areas, or even without special dates that no one else is involved.

The extensible limo is more practical than larger gatherings, with some models that can accommodate 8 to 10 passengers in total comfort. This kind of vehicle is the first choice for a prom, wedding, sports game, concert, club or other special event. The bare limousine can be Mercedes, Lincoln or Cadillac, but also vehicles such as Escalade, Hummer or similar vehicles.

What are the number of passengers?

Transport can have a significant impact on the type or class of a hired limo. Space is more limited in the traditional limousine, which usually accommodates 2 or 3 passengers comfortably. But for larger parties it will be much more practical to use a stretched vehicle that is able to accommodate more passengers for safety. The extensible limo size and planting capacity vary, the vehicles are generally designed to accommodate 4, 6 or 8 passengers comfortably.

Appropriate Comfort

Used for more practical purposes, so they do not really include a wide range of convenience. But the great attraction of the lush edition of the limo is the long list of amenities lists. Shared car's common features include colored windows, built-in bars, lights, stereo systems, televisions and private selectors. In addition, they have even bigger room to include more luxurious and spacious seats.

So before making a decision about what a limo is the most practical option, you should consider carefully the intended use, the number of passengers The preferred modes of transport and comfort for travel length

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