Regal Andalusia – The Royal Variety of Luxury Hotels

The sunny Andalusia is stressed by events in history. Since the region lies in the southernmost part of Spain, this is actually the entry point for the country, as the Moorish conquerors have chosen continental Africa. Some areas in Spain testify to the number of crusaders and followers in Andalusia.

Today, this lively, colorful countryside is one of Spain's most visited tourist spots, scanning visitors all over the world to enjoy the flamenco-obsessed culture and sandy sandy beaches and outstanding luxury hotels. Stay in one of the last and only get to the pattern of life like the royal kings all those years ago … Seville

The famous Alcázar of Seville almost tells the city itself its historical past, during which several owners and intruders were involved. Although it is not even the headquarters of the power, the Alcazar is still used as the official residence of the Spanish royal offices during the city's visit.

About half an hour drive, the (extravagantly named) Hacienda Benazuza elBullihotel allows visitors to stay alike in a royal environment. This wonderfully maintained building comes from the Moorish times when it was a succession of kings and nobles. It is a small and rich, perfect rural spot from which you can discover Seville.


The Alhambra is the Granada that Alcázar is organizing in Seville: a labyrinthian palace fortress, which is essentially centuries-old rule and contract, war and royal life. The rugged structure on the hill above the surrounding atmospheric city, the Alhambra is a mystical wonder.

Granada is a small, almost unimaginably friendly luxury hotel, a good example of Carmen de la Alcubilla del Caracol, a tiny hotel on the slopes of the Alhambra. The traditional boutique hotel offers rustic furnishings, well-equipped library and panoramic city views.


Cordless and Cordoba is an escape and joy. Few people did it when compared to Seville and Granada but the appearance of architecture and air fills the love of life as memorable – if not so much – as its two most distinguished companions.

Cordoba also boast its own regal hotel – although the bolt. The Hospes Palacio del Bailio can be a 16th-century palace, but the interior is modern. The Cordoba's prime and best luxury hotel architects have done a wonderful job combining old with the new ones and the result of a hotel that really feels like a 21st century king.

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