Rafting, outdoor sports in Mendoza

Rafting is one of the most important attractions that inspired the tourists world to spend their holidays in Mendoza. Additionally, Mendoza is the first choice among those who enjoy outdoor activities and extreme sports. And for those who have never tried it, the white rivers in Mendoza offer a lasting experience full of adrenaline and excitement. Mendoza Province is well-known for its sunshine and good wine but is very popular in the mountains and rivers where adventurous sports are the most seductive tourist choices. Especially the Mendoza River provides a perfect location for those who want to experience different emotions. Most of the city's tourist bureaux organize expeditions and adventure tours between January and December. Most of the places where rafting can be practiced near the city of Mendoza so if you stay at the Diplomatic Hotel, you will provide the perfect blend of wealth and adventure for your vacation.

Before the trip starts, the guides provide some information and instructions to the participants to preserve the whole group's safety during the journey. Most journeys are suitable for the whole family, even for children over the age of 3. Each team then goes to the sideboard and wears the necessary safety gear for these sports. Weather is generally good, sunny days at mild temperatures. Rain is uncommon during the summer. Thus, each member starts the line, and the pool where the journey starts is quickly flowing fast. The most popular places where the Mendoza River is rafting are El Laberinto, Picoli, Concejal, La Piedra Mala and La Muralla in China.

As rafts travel, rocks develop and streams provide low-water waters, providing dynamism and excitement for the moment as efforts to control laughter and reef start. Some foal hills that look over the path to the glorious beauty frame. Many of these masses are easier to identify than others because they are named after their unique forms: the Crocodile, the Balcony and the Skull. At this point of the trip, joy has won the fight against nervousness and everyone is ready to enjoy the extraordinary scenery.

This kind of extreme sports, an unbeatable choice for tourists in Cuyao, is a great pleasure for those who dare to give him a new one. The glorious and breathtaking outlook is a unique blend in Mendoza. If you are staying at the Diplomatic Hotel, ask the front desk staff and soon arrange for the Mendoza River's fast-paced electric and unforgivable trip.

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