Queen Suriyothai Thailand

Suriyothai was Queen of Thailand. King Mahura Chakraphat is king of Ayutthaya, who ruled between 1549 and 1569. Suriyothai is considered as a heroine of Thailand who sacrificed his life while trying to save her husband in a battle.

Maha Chakraphat was famous for his famous white elephants. He had many members, and according to Brahminic beliefs, a ruler with one or more white elephants was the symbol of glory and success. It is believed that King Maha Chakraphat's reign was extremely successful. The king ascended to the throne in 1549. Only six months after King Burma attacked the war. The king's king had a personal anger on the king and wanted to capture the capital, Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam. These days, Thailand was called Siam.

The Siamese king did not let the challenge go, and king Maha Chakraphat led the army to defend the capital. During these periods women did not participate in wars. However, Queen Suriyothai is concerned about her husband's well-being and wants to be in the battle on his side. But the king did not hear about it, so Suriyothai disguised himself as a man and joined his husband on the battlefield. In the battle, the elephant of Maha Chakraphat was killed and, taking advantage of this King of Burma, tried to kill him. However, King Suriyothai caught the attack and died at the beginning. When the King of Burma learned that he had killed a woman, she was very ashamed and immediately withdrew from the battle; when Ayutthaya left Siam.

The queen was regarded as a heroine for sacrificing her life to save her husband and still comes to honor and honor in Thailand for courage.

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