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The Krabi province covers 4,700 square kilometers and extends from the Phuket Peninsula to the Andaman Coast to the Trang Province. The province is about 100 km from the most beautiful beach in the world and includes hundreds of islands, the largest of which is Ko Lanta.

The city of Krabi is the capital of the province, near the coast, in the middle of the province. The new international airport and bus station are on the outskirts of the city.

Domestic tourism is largely confined to the coasts and islands. In these tourist areas, roads are excellent and services are fully available.

On land, development is constantly focused on Ao Nang's fishing town and the northern shores. The whole of this coastal region is the highest. The values ​​of the earth are not really a prerequisite for working. But in general, the closer to the shore, the more expensive the property is.

The downtown Ao itself is the center of the land tourist attraction. Here you can find 80% of the tourist restaurants and the majority of restaurants, tourist shops and bars.

Location Location

People want to buy land for many reasons.

to start a business; hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.
to rent a house for most of the year
to build a luxury villa daily or weekly
to build a luxury villa full-time
to build a budget house to retire
– and house to build a house to raise a family at work.

Each category has different priorities.

Must be available to customers, so you can find land in residential areas or near them depending on the type of business, or adjacent to one of the major roads. The hotel or guest houses are 5 km from the beach.

Luxury Villa For Rent
This is where most of Krabi's development is at the center. In the past, there was very little, but it seems that this number will grow exponentially in the next two or three years. This category has the most stringent requirements.

  • Ideally with some view, sea view or rock view
  • must be close enough to the main roads to get high-quality utilities (or to create them in a very costly way)
  • The value of these requirements means that it is worth a relatively large amount of capital to the right place.

In this category, you are likely to pay between 20,000 and 100,000 pounds of land.

Luxury villa to live.
In this enviable category, people have the widest range, as they are not limited to the 2 to 3 km of tourist sites. The land with amazing views is available at a relatively low price, just 2 or 3 km away, and while you're on the road, it's perfect.

You can pay £ 10,000 for this category.

Budget House.
Land in this customer group is generally close to the tourist areas. It really depends on whether you need or want to live close to other foreigners or isolation. It seems that the majority of people in this category enjoy community life, so we may want to buy offplan in one of the many small developments under construction. The reason for this is that we do everything we can, the disadvantage is that it is a relatively expensive way to buy a house. Typically, they would pay between £ 80 and £ 150,000 for a three-bedroom family house on a 4-800-meter plot.

What makes the land more valuable

Your own beach sounds like an impossible dream, but it's possible. Most of the beaches have already gone to the resorts and hotels, but there are still pockets available even in the most well-maintained areas. However, the price is high; the most popular beaches can be as much as 20 million baht (1600 square meters), and sometimes only 20 meters from the actual beach. 20 million baht sounds like a huge amount of money, but it is equivalent to around 300,000 pounds or 450,000 euros, which is an average three-bedroom family house in London, and since London has the opportunity to expand, Krabi and the beach are not. This means there is no doubt that supply is running out and values ​​are rising.

The other choice is to look away from the popular tourist resorts of Ao Nang and Klong Muang, and perhaps even one of the nearby islands. Beachland in these areas, though still not cheap, is even more affordable, but we advise anyone who wants to buy more from these sites to first examine their motives. If you plan to rent most of the year for a holiday home, this option is impossible. But don't let anyone tell you, I have noticed some very exclusive villas that rise about 7 km from the beach and the city. These people seem to have decided to rent an idyllic, quiet, beautiful venue and maybe you are right. Of course, in a few years' time, this might have been a very clever decision, as the entire area of ​​the nearby places is full, and the villas in this area may become cloudy and urban.

Sea view
If you can't have a coastline, maybe you can see the sea? A more affordable solution is more secure. However, the value of such land has been borne by local residents and is a premium. There are also problems with buying high quality land, first by using the service and secondly by finding a piece of clean land address.

Mountain View.
This is our opinion where you can get in Krabo. Krabi is renowned for its dramatic mountains, which, with a mere cliff surface, are unlikely to rise from the ground. There are hundreds of places where mountains cover a huge area, which means that land is cheaper. In this category, we recommend land for 5 to 10 km from Aonang for anyone to buy. Prices vary widely, depending on various factors, such as distance from electricity, telephone / internet connection, water and roads.

No View
Don't count this. But you don't pay too high a price. An example: recently a person who wants to sell a land has visited. We went to see, and although they were perfectly suited to a house, there was no sight, there was a small hill on the horizon, but not what someone would call a mountain view. We asked how much they were asking and said they had sold two hundred meters to a 2 million rai, so they allowed inflation, he wanted 2.5. We tried to say it was too high. Then we saw the piece on the corner, which offers a wonderful view of the mountains, and it was definitely worth the € 2 million that was paid for this. We tried to explain this to the guy, but unfortunately he couldn't believe that he was dealing with him with such a bad hand.

Any of the above categories must take into account the type of land. Most likely, it is a rubber or palm oil plantation. More than 90% of Krabi's land is grown in two ways. There is nothing wrong with this, and the very mature palm oil is beautiful and keeps a shadow, but if there is a piece that is not one of these and founded fruit trees, or better, the choice of mature trees is worth considering.

So all of these factors that are taken into account in the services, along with the approach to shops, make other types of homes very complex. But no good value can be achieved.

The development ethics published in Krabi is the maintenance of beauty. The large parts were not built as a national park. Every mountain does not go and the beaches have theoretically a strict limit to the height of the buildings. In practice, these rules are often bent or broken.

But anyone who wants to spend time in Krabi has an interest in applying these seemingly uncomfortable rules. We want to see that they are applied consistently to everyone. Therefore, we do not recommend people to pay money under the table to get a land that has been designated as a national park for good reason.

This changes many popular perspectives in construction. The most affected areas are those that believe that they look out to the sea, because there are very few available places without building in mountain areas, and these are only close to the shore.

But we have to emphasize that we are committed to sustainable planned development that retains the beauty and beauty of Krabi

Land Agents
Because of the high land values ​​there is a real gold sense of Krabi real estate market. All local landowners, most of whom have only a few properties, have heard the prices paid. You can hear that one rai can amount to up to 10 million baht, which can be a multiple of life expectancy. This is certainly true for those who have been lucky enough to inherit the land they are looking for. But it is obvious that this does not apply to all lands. Many of these now have completely unrealistic expectations. Because of the values ​​placed on the viewers and the perspectives, the value buyers may have two adjacent segments owned by different people of very different value. One of the beautiful panoramic views of the mountains, you can reach up to 4 million baht, and the neighbor can't see 500,000 at all. It's a lottery, and the man whose life and love may have lived for generations is hard to understand. It is unexpectedly tragic that one of them is able to sell a small plot and retire in procedures, while his neighbor must continue to work the land for a poor life.

There are discounts for lack of understanding of the value of the view, but it is also possible to thoroughly tear it off. If you visit a plot of land and see a large, expensive house next door, and you have reliably told me that the land is 2.5 million pieces, it would be easy to think that the land you see is worth the value. But the sight of neighboring sites is wonderful and yours is not the same value. Alternatively, you can show an array full of rubber trees that you can't see in the middle. The landowner may not know that cutting some trees opens the most beautiful view in Krabi, in this situation it can be a bargain. Just use your imagination and common sense and judge every land based on your own merits.

A Local Tour Operator Krabitrek offers a friendly, professional service to anyone who wants to buy property in Krabi, knows the best areas and the right estimated costs without being interested in being honest, you will find unbiased advice and information.

Krabi's property center is still in its developing stages and has gained a reputation as a city in the city of gold. The values ​​of each area can only be reached by the buyer in the opinion of the customer, because it is not enough to set the price precisely.

Source by Richard John Moss

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