Protecting the Sunlight from the Dangers of the Sun

One of the most important activities people enjoy at the hotel or outdoors are sunbathing. Although this is very unfavorable without any security measures, sunlight has its own advantages, but of course also limitations. The 30-minute relaxation of the day entitles the vitamin D body and can cure some skin diseases. During a 30-minute period, you must sit under an open umbrella.

All catering companies should not only provide outdoor umbrellas, but should advise on the use of their guests. But what is the importance of umbrellas for health?

Late aging of the skin:

Exposure to sunlight can cause more damage to the human body, but one of the least dangerous is early skin aging. What does that mean? Aging has many effects on the skin, such as:

  • This is solid but looser.
  • Make it more transparent
  • It's easier to break.

Skin aging affects your skin:

  • Lose on fingers, nose and chin
  • Losing the cartilage in the nose

Protect the eye from injuries:

The eyes are made up of different layers and one is the eyelid. This thin skin has a role in the other layers to protect the eyes, but is not indivisible against UV light. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, the various layers that protect the eye will be injured causing various types of loss, such as:

  • Eyelids, which may be due to swelling, skin changes or infection. However, these symptoms are not exclusive to cancer.
  • Damage to retinal cataracts resulting in blurred vision due to lens damage

Seating under the umbrella protects your eyes from injury, but ultimum security requires sunglasses. Avoiding Skin Cancer:

One of the Most Important Causes,. However, sunshine increases the risk of skin cancer for a long time. To avoid this, it is recommended to spend the peak period when the UV light is the strongest (from 12 to 15 o'clock) umbrella. When UV light is the lowest (in the morning or after 15 o'clock), it would be safer to cause direct sunlight.

Holiday resorts and hotel facilities with outdoor umbrellas provide secure access to guests for a beautiful time. While relaxing in the shadow of a umbrella with a right umbrella, guests will be less exposed to UV light hazards and remain gay. To this end, catering businesses have to have some responsibility and they have to chase their guests in the shade of outdoor umbrellas.

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