Profit Blogging – Step by Step Tutorial

Many people guys out there did not do anything to update or even move toward their dreams. The dream is by acquiring financial freedom by owning a home business. This is not the lack of ambition, but most often, not because of the lack of knowledge. I will try my own way to share with you my personal experiences from time to time so that you can acquire the basic knowledge you need to accomplish your dream. It's not something strange, but the fact that I discovered that more money had to be made than being selfish. The more financially independent people around us, the more secure our communities will be.

In this article, I'll show you how to start your own home based business using a "blog" without paying a penny. The good news is that you have no special skills to get started. You become more capable as you progress.

A blog is a mini website that is used to access the same basic goals as a web site possession. This is to share, support, or sell ideas, information, products, services and anything.

Here are some important steps you need to do and ….. Poom! You are there!


1. Launch a blog and do everything that would help if the list of respondents is called prospects. They are prospective customers.

2. Use your blog to earn money from affiliate programs such as Ebay, Clickbank, Amazon, AdSense, etc.

3. You can set up an eBay store and sell it there.

4. Set up a Yahoo store, get the wholesale / dropship model and generate profits

5. You also have the option to pass your blog to a niche profit if you sell it.

If you've chosen a business idea as described above, you'll need to follow the steps below to get it done.


1. Search for some long-lasting keywords that are relevant to your blog's content and products.

2. Find relevant pictures or photos on Google

3. Launch a blog (just a simple, unnecessary leak) WordPress, Blogger, Hubpages will work

4. Enter your photos with keyword-rich titles and labels. Then paste the affiliate or product links.

5. Support the blog with articles, forums, social bookmarks to create relevant links.

6. Enter content on your blog at least twice a week to get in search engines.

I started doing this and if it worked for me, why not work for you?

Source by Duncan Abel

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