Product Label Types and Uses

One of the most common permanent product identification techniques is product labeling. There are several different types of labels for product labels and the eco-label or information labels with the most commonly used brand name.

Branded Product Labels

Mostly in the company's brand-building practices. These labels should be glued to the surface of the product in the most appropriate way to the product. There are two types of branded tags, removable and no removable tags. Sticking with permanent labels must be constant and the label is difficult to remove and check with a number of factors. A good example is a beer label. It must be watertight, durable and cold resistant. This includes actual printing, label material, and adhesive binding to the product.

However, replaceable product labels must only stick to the product until removed. A good example of this type of label is the label of the cleaning instruction on any product made of a material such as a garment. This product should be easily removed and should not leave the garment.

Environmental or information labels

The eco-label or information labels are mostly consumer goods such as food and fast moving consumer goods in supermarkets. They are specifically used to provide information to the consumer about the product. These types are often made of environmentally friendly materials, so they do not interfere with the products they associate with them.

Types of Other Product Labels

There are a number of different types of labels There are regular, massive mass production across the globe. These include, but are not limited to, the following product label types:

Pigging: these are labels made of different labels. Express mail envelopes are often used as stickers.

Device Tags: These are usually customizable and used to designate your business or business tools.

Blockout: They do not contain transparent labels Which they are used to hide what is hidden. Generally, they are made of a strong gray adhesive tape

Radioactive: these are special labels that use radioactive isotopes to allow for specific vivo chemical compounds to follow.

Different sizes, materials and shapes. The laser label material is highly resistant to heat, so it can withstand high-temperature laser printing


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