Pre-Inked Stamps and Self-Drawing Stamps – Are They Different?

Pre-inserted and self-inked stamps differ in many ways. But most people need stamps, they just buy. They do not know the benefits of using one type of stamp over the other. With this article, let me use this opportunity to learn about the difference between the two types. My goal is to help you make the right decision through an informed view.

What are the stamps?

These stamps that were impregnated (filled) in the rubber tool. To create an impression, press it slightly. No clash. In general, the ink passes in letters or in the form of rubber to give a nice impression. The most popular brands of stamps include Brother Stamps, Xstamper, iStamp and many more.

Self-adhesive stamps? What are these?

These flip up to reach the ink. After selecting the ink from the bench, it rebounds to impress the paper. In other words, there is a mechanism by which the rubber pads are retracted to squeeze into the ink pad every time they use the stamps to impress them. These stamps include Ideal, Trodat, Cosco, Ultifast and Shiny. As mentioned above, pre-fabricated rubber stamps allow ink to pass through letters or stamps to give impression on paper as simple as possible. pressure. On the other hand, the self-adhesive rubber stamps face up and face down on a document.


Injected rubber stamps With crisp, clear images and very clear images. These are best when logos and / or other graphics are integrated in the stamp design. However, self-adhesive rubber stamps create good images, but they are not so clear. They are inappropriate for detailed logos and graphics.


Preprinted stamps use an oil-based ink while using self-paint. Oil-based ink is more expensive than water-based ink. But it gives a very good impression and it dries very quickly. Less than 5 seconds dry.

Adjustable Date

Currently pre-painted, there is no factory-set date. However, self-painted people do it.


Preprinted stamps are relatively smaller than self-paint. Considering the size and portability, the prefabricated model is the best for you.


Stamped stamps are versatile. You can add any font style or image. You can use them to stamp your photo, which is not for self-inked stamps. There are limitations in this regard.


Stamped stamps are more expensive than self-painted stamps. In addition, ink is relatively costly, but longer than water-based ink. However, in the case of self-adhesive stamps, the ink cartridges are replaced when the ink pad is aging. Pre-inked stamps do not contain replacement parts.

Long Life

Preprinted stamps last up to 50,000 impressions with good ink filling. The self-adhesive stamp type allows about 10,000 impressions. Then you start to face problems like the tool and the toner cartridge, which is worn out and needs replacement. In addition, the up and down motion mechanism also stops normal operation of the clock.


The preprinted stamps have their own machine that produces. Generally, such stamps are the machines that are used to make stamps. For example, Brother has the StampCreator used by stamp makers to make stamps.

For self-painted stamps, only the desired rubber needs to be made. Tires can be cut in a number of ways. You can manually or use a stamp. The best stamping machine in the laser engraving system

How to resemble the two stamps

Both are rechargeable in ink. Both types are not recommended on bright surfaces as the ink can easily be suffocated. Furthermore, they all come in many colors from where you can choose. But the most common colors are red, blue, black, purple and green.

As a conclusion, when buying stamps, the above points should be carefully taken. But as a precaution, always pick up your stamps from recognized stamps to avoid forgery. Your stamp carries the trademark of your business or organization. Appointed stamps protect you against counterfeiting and stamps. They also have irrefutable properties. Buying stamps from vertebrates has its own problems. Watch out!

Source by Charles Kiyimba

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