Pre-cutting Vs Backhand MIG Welding Techniques

Welding and welding are the simplest of all welding techniques. They are simple, purposeful, and provide the right type of welding when properly used. In this article you will learn why these techniques are used, and most important why.

Pulling Technique

Bracelet is a technique where the welder runs through the puddle and the bow is slightly ahead of the puddle. Revolutionary welding takes place with the MIG pistol which points to the direction of travel. For example, if the welder welds right-to-left, the MIG pistol always points to the left. The angle at which the MIG gun points toward the compass may vary. The angle of the MIG gun can be anywhere from 5 degrees to 35 degrees to the road. When placing the welding machine in the arc, the arc must be in front of the pool.

Backhand Technique

The back technique is exactly the opposite of the forehand welding technique. In the case of rear welding, the welding machine retains the MIG pistol in the direction of the welding while it moves. For example, if the welder is welding from left to right, the MIG gun points to the left. The angle of the MIG gun can vary between 5 and 35 degrees in the direction of welding

Learn about these welding techniques

These MIG welding techniques are a very important purpose. It regulates the welding pattern and the penetration pattern.

The most widespread technique of MIG welding is revolutionary welding. As for the forehand method, it produces a shallow but wide penetration welding that is flat in appearance. This type of welding and penetration can be applied to most welds where overheating is not a problem.

MHH is the most widely used welding technique. This technique results in a deep and narrow penetration mode that is most suitable for thinner metals. The advantage of the rear welding is that the arc focuses on the filler and is an extra material to prevent combustion. When welding thinner metals, there is always a risk of blowing through the weld seam. With the rounded method, the extra curved filler prevents this and at the same time minimizes bran.

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