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Pinterest, an online bulletin board that provides the perfect venue for socialization and professional development. And it came with a great deal of success. In the new series, Pinterest added another update. A virtual pin-board is a new business tool (which includes new contract terms) that favors businesses. Many big brands prefer Pinterest to market their product, and a thousand are already part of the Pinterest community. Referring to these figures and in order to promote the leaps in business growth, the company decided to launch a business page.

Pinterest has an improved tool. Created a business page within the social network to help businesses launch their products and services to the market. Brands can already register with Pinterest's business portal, where they can enter their company name (which is preceded by first and last names) and refer to business-specific materials / features. Existing companies can easily use this setting, as the spokesman for Pinterest said. "Brands with an existing account can easily convert their accounts to Pinterest."

The company has disclosed that the portal will include case studies, best business scripts, and other related materials to encourage and motivate businesses to create a new business story. Only registered brands can access this material.

The company has also introduced new service conditions, which can be divided into two groups – one for businesses and the other for non-commercial ordinary people. The terms have enabled Pinterest to separate the provisions for businesses from those made for regular users. Business terms apply only to brands and explain what is expected and what is not. Previously, the terms of service for both parties were similar, limiting brands to promote their products and services.

The company tried to simplify the language of the document to a greater extent. However, the terms of service are one of the documents of the companies to which some jargon should be involved. We have also offered a translation to "make the job easier. , Like it and Follow buttons on your profile for a wider exposure. On March 23, 2011, the company published updated terms of service that removed the company's right to sell user content

On August 10, 2012, the site was open to anyone without invitation

2012. August 14, Pinterest application for Android and iPad SRA

in October 2012 the company announced a new feature that helped the users in blocking or reporting of the activities or attacking people.

Remember to look at the business guide, case studies and other related documents offered by the virtual board. Happy marketing on Pinterest!

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