Phuket Luxury Villas and Hotels at Millionaires Mile, Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

& Millionaires Mile & # 39; has become a place of luxury hotels and villas on the west coast of Phuket, and is home to the most beautiful residences that the island offers, and so its name shows that many millionaires live.

The road begins at the southernmost end of Kamala Beach and along the coast towards the wind, the latest development on the road, Jomchang, overlooking Patong Bay. The road was home to the first $ 1m + villas many years ago, so the name is a millionaire line. He was born. The road is a dead end and stops at Jomchang's development. Over time, the road can be extended to a short distance through the forest, enabling a faster route to Patong, but also increasing tourist attractions. Traveling from Jomchang to the south end of the road, windy road to Kamala, 10 minutes by car, the newly renovated road is only half. After the rest of the road is finished, you have to stop a few minutes later.

There are still a number of developments along the way, some newly opened and, of course, many older features that still considered the height of luxury.

At the beginning of the road, from the city of Kamala, lies the Sienna, a new luxury hotel that can be expected from such a 5-star hotel. Andara is next door and is once again the highlight of the magnificent facilities and views. Ayara Resort is located on the top of the hill and is directly on the rocks of the Andaman Sea with wonderful views. Furthermore, the Paresa Hotel, which is high on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, offers luxurious separation. Paresa opened its doors at the end of 2009 and received good feedback.

Among these luxury hotels, there are numerous private luxury villas and villas with their own community. Jomchang, at the end of the millionaires, has a handful of luxury villas, each worth over $ 7. The price of real luxury is affordable and the range of well-cured millionaires naturally attracts premium.

Some nice views of public roads, but most are occupied by private properties, which are occupied by these luxury villas and hotels.

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