Peter Lovenheim, in the community, seeking a blessing at the same time

Peter Lovenheim is a rich man in Rochester, New York suburbs. In February 2000 a suicide in a street house involving a medical party took place. Two kids ran out of the house after 10 o'clock, shouting that their father had murdered his mother. No one knew the family next door, which lived there for seven years. Lovenheim embarrassed that a 36-street street had no sense of community. He wanted to know the people whose homes went through every day, in addition to their profession or the number of children. He wanted to know the depth and essence of their experiences. Levenheim knew from their childhood dormitories and summer house exchanges that they were awake in their bed, cooked food in the kitchen, and walked in the neighborhood, provided that the interview could not be in itself. Your mission would require a sleeping space. Some people have declined; And yet many do. In the neighborhood: A community search on the American street at a glance, Lovenheim's nearly decades of experience to embrace its neighborhood. Eighty-one-year-old Lou was the first resident in honor of Lovenheim's request to sleep at night. Lou, a retired surgeon, has lost Edie, his wife for five years, for 52 years, and she misses her. Raising six children who live in the United States today Lou Lou welcomes Lovenheim, as a schnauzer, Heidi is the only companion. Lovenheim accompanies Lout to the local Y where he is practicing. Regular coaches praise Lou's arrival. He appreciates his appreciation, reminding him of the popularity of the surgeon's days. Still, when he returns home to an empty house, as Lou says, "My life is zero." Patti's forty-two are just living with doors and are not in touch. Patti, a radiologist, diagnosed her own aggressive breast cancer. He left the doctor to receive chemotherapy. Lovenheim is friends with Patti, two divorced mom with her mother. He also accepts his suspension request. Lovenheim is witnessing the loss of her health over time and helps whenever she can.

Grace, nearly 90 years old, spent almost forty years in Lovenheim's neighborhood without recognition. She lived in a nearby town but lived in the beautiful neighborhood of Rochester's suburbs. Residents have remotely named "The Walker". Lovenheim moved across a passage to Grace and explained the book. She invited her to her apartment where she learned her stunning background. He once lived in New York City and was a successful pianist and harpist. He walked once and fell. He turned to the car across the street and went to the ambulance. Lovenheim questions whether an elderly woman's rain site and her supervisor are quite a "neighborhood". The couple, Deb 32, and Doug, 42 represent the younger face of Lovenheim Street. Lovenheim spends the night and senses the more independent couple. Both of us are America's fastest-moving, childless and trying to imagine. Active members of the local club. Deb tells Lovenheim that he once needed vanilla for cookies and Dave was forced to buy a blizzard. Ideally, he thought he should have borrowed something from his neighbor.

Lovenheim travels at 4:00 with Brian, the newspaper service provider, from the point of view of the other. He also acts as a Postman Ralph delivery truck (Postal Rules Prevent Vehicle Passengers) as he is on a daily route. Ralph chronicles help residents, including recognizing signs of stroke in the client and asking for help. According to Lovenheim, Ralph knows more about his neighbors than they are: "I began to realize that in some respects there was a better neighbor than we did to each other." Lovenheim reaffirms his neighbor's efforts to introduce Patti to Lou. Lou welcomes the opportunity to lead Patti to his doctors' offices; Feeling your need. Lovenheim lends deb sidewalk salt; And she agrees to lead Patti's daughter to the skating rink while her health is getting worse. When Lovenheim's romantic interest is over, Lou turns. Breakfast is divided into two weeks per day, as Lovenheim sets it again. "The fact that I'm going to find shelter in a neighbor's house is something that never came up when I went on the road, but it's there," says Lovenheim. Such a firm project. She was very patient when her boyfriend friend to her neighbors for a while before she started sleeping. He also rejects those who are tired of his intentions. In the era of social media, where we can soon boast of the 50,000+ Twitter followers, Lovenheim's story says: Our Neighbor's Neighbor

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