Pet Friendly Holidays – 10 Tips for Uncomfortable Trips with the Animal

Lovely vacation for pets and travel planning makes sense – after all, pets are family members too! Only in the United States there are more than 60 million households in one or more pets. Pets of 15 million residents of households travel with their pet and most are in pet animals. Luckily pet hotels, apartments and cottages can be rented. If you are planning a pet holiday home, here are some tips for a safe and trouble-free journey.

1 – When making a reservation, make sure that pets are allowed. An important advantage of online backup is that you can see whether pets are allowed and any restrictions. Online, you can print a booking confirmation, which includes "pet allowed" information. Verbal bookings provide more space for misunderstandings and bad communication. If you make a telephone booking, ask the reservation person to send an acknowledgment of receipt including "pet allowed" information.

2 – Is your favorite an experienced traveler? If you do not, then you have to start your pet to get used to the journey so that the friendly vacations of pets are not something new. Start by car for your pet for your pet. Get in with them in the car, play with them, give them a bit of trouble – enjoy them with you. Then take a short drive with them. Gradually increase the length of time and distance you have with them. Before you can go a long way with your favorites, the idea is to comfortably feel comfortable in the car for a long time.

3 – Do not forget the safe travel of animals and yours. Consider buying a dog safety strap for your pet while traveling. If you have a car or SUV, you can purchase a vehicle limit that will keep your pet in the back area. They are usually sold in pet stores or are available on the internet.

4 – The pet holiday plans should include steps to find your pet if you accidentally lose it. Make sure your pet has an ID tag and is wearing it while traveling. Your tag must enter your pet's name, name, and phone number. If possible, use your cell phone number, your home number, and your location number.

5 – Take a photo of your favorites with your travel. If your pet is lost, you can show it to others just like yours, rather than just relying on verbal descriptions. – Check the recommended vaccinations with your veterinarian. hiking – ticks exposure while hiking, exposure to other dogs, or prevention of heartworm if your dog is exposed to mosquitoes as an important preventative measure before traveling. If your pet is a dog, you will get a fresh dog to the dog's collar. If you decide to take your dog for a pet-friendly vacation, you can request proof of the vaccination against rabies.

7 – When you arrive at a pet friendly hotel, inform the person signing you for your pet. You can ask whether there are limited areas where your pet can not get in. Pet-friendly hosts have to get used to answering these questions and appreciating their awareness.

8 – In a hotel room, apartments, cabin or holiday home – or beds to sit, sleep or sleep unless you discover the furniture or beds with your own cover. Place your favorite food and water tanks in a carpet or newspaper in the bathroom where cleaning is easier. If you are in pet-friendly accommodation, you can also choose your pet outdoors.

9 – If you leave your pet alone in the room or during your vacation, make sure the reception or rental agent knows. Be sure to keep the pet in the travel container or box if the cleaning staff can enter the room at any time to clean it. You certainly do not want the housekeeper to enter and be surprised or even attacked by your pet! Pets can run out of the room if cleaning starts if it is not safe.

10 – Be very careful while in hot or warm weather, looking for a pet. Leaving the dog in the car can be deadly. Even if the outside temperature is only in the 70's or 80's, the interior of the vehicle can reach 100 degrees and higher, especially when it is parked in the sun. At these temperatures it does not take long to cause serious or even fatal damage to your pet.

Pet-pet and pet pets can be fun – your family too. Only by using common sense and predictably makes pleasant and surprising pet-friendly vacations.

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