Penis Skin Discoloration – Four Possible Reasons

Regardless of whether people generally have the condition of their skin, penis is almost always a cause for concern; the average man's map with his eyes closed. As a result, it is not surprising that any unusual appearance – from drought to bruise or red spots or acne – may become an anxiety source.

While the discolored penis is usually not worried, there are issues that can change the appearance of the skin of the penis. Understanding the possible causes of discoloration of the penis may ease men's concern due to the lesser variation in pigmentation and will know when to go to a doctor for the health of their penis. ] It is not uncommon for men, especially for darker people, to show a certain variety of coloration; In fact, it is normal for all races of the race that the penis is slightly different in color than the rest of the body. When darker skin appears suddenly or in a short time, it is natural that men are worried. One possible explanation for the occurrence of darker skin is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is simply the over-production of melanin in the affected area.

This condition typically follows skin injury; aggressive masturbation or gender irritation is one of the possible reasons for PIH's penis. The penis affected by PIH may contain skin surfaces that are darker, bluish or gray. Although this may cause some social disruption, it is not contagious and usually disappears over time. Retinol (vitamin A) treatment, laser reshaping or microdermabrasion can help reduce discoloration.

skin in the affected area is dark or purple, blue or even greenish. Damage to the small penis and bruising can not cause any cause for concern, but sudden injury or interruption of injury may cause penicillin fracture and should be treated immediately to prevent long-term complications. Hematoma

Under the skin surface red, spotted appearance or visible blood vessels may develop from penile injuries. The discoloration usually fades as the injury is healed but the unpleasant feeling or pain associated with the symptoms indicates that medical help may be needed.

individuals, skin on the skin, including the penis, may become discolored as long as they become almost white. The reason is not yet known, but this is not a concern, just a cosmetic question.

When to help the discolored penis skin

Men who experience any discolored penis skin with either of the following symptoms should seek a professional medical opinion:


  • ;
  • bleeding
  • itching or burning;
  • Scaly, stained skin or unusual wounds;
  • Disposal.

Even if there is no concern for a trained urologist or dermatologist to visit men's concerns about their penis. Although some men may be embarrassed to talk to a doctor about these issues, trained doctors have seen and helped everything.

Self-Penetration for Discolored Pigmented Men

The daily care of your penis's wallet allows you to rejuvenate the penis's skin and general appearance. Washing with a mild detergent and thorough rinse can help remove dead skin cells and accumulation of body fluids that increase irritation and risk of infection; and vitamins, antioxidants and naturally occurring natural penicillins (19459004) (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may help to fall dead cells and allow new healthy skin to grow

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