Pattaya, Thailand – How to get from Bangkok Airport

The feeling that you arrive at Bangkok International Airport is a feeling of relief as you get out of the plane, but what if you are at the airport?

It may be confusing if you arrive at the airport if you don't know where to go to catch a taxi or bus. After a jet lag, after an international flight, it will be warm, go through immigration and claim your luggage.

Wait for a trip to Pattaya if you book the following two services in advance. Both services are reputable and have been around for years.

Learn Before You Go

Two convenient and reliable services for transfer to Pattaya:

Taxi ]

The taxi can be booked to Pattaya via e-mail or telephone with T. Taxi. Many people who travel frequently to Pattaya hire T. Taxi from Pattaya because it is reliable and cheap. Limousines are new cars with friendly drivers.

Mr. T driver invites you to the airport with your name! How does the VIP service work?

Taxi Mr. Mr. T Taxi service:

  • 1000 bytes take off from the airport
  • ] 900 Baht down at the airport


Traveling with friends or family is a cheap, convenient and fast way to get to Pattaya from the airport. If you are traveling alone, you may find someone in the flight or at the airport with whom you can share your trip and taxi.

by Air Con with Bell Travel:

Bell Travel Service can book by e-mail or phone and travel comfortably and cheaply on an air-conditioned bus to Bangkok International Airport Pattaya . The cost is 150 people / person. Special booking is recommended. The Bell Travel Bus takes approx. It takes 2 hours to get to Pattaya.

When the bus arrives in Pattaya, the minibuses waiting for the bus service await you to arrive at the Hotel, Apartmenthouse or Apartment. This service is included in the price of the bus. Book ahead and give instructions on how to find the bus at the airport.

Hopefully this information from the international airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi provides a pleasant experience to Pattaya. Both services are recommended.

Safe Travel and Rest Time in Pattaya.

Source by Harri Brent

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