Panama: A Spiritual Vortex

The Panamanian Central American country, where I've lived for 21 years, has always been a financial and commercial vortex. But in recent years it has become spiritual spiritual .

As a spiritual swirl, Panama now attracts spiritually minded people all over the world. Many of them come here thousands of miles away. Many come suddenly and without knowing the truth why they came. Many do not know about spiritual awakening. But they nevertheless come to be part of the spiritual awakening.

It is certain that the spiritual awakening takes place globally, but Panama's vortex is particularly strong here. This intensity attracts people from all over the world.

I thought I was coming to Panama because the American Army brought it here in 1990. And I thought I retired because I married a Panamanian in 1994 In the 1990s I was unlucky and usually complained about life. I could not understand why it had to be here 19459003 or why we had to live in spiritual isolation for many years. One day, my dear friend explained to me. He said that a deep spiritual process had brought him here. He said I arrived early as a torch carrier for those arriving later. I had to learn important spiritual teachings and this was a good place to learn them. Maybe I had to pay karmic debts here. Certainly the spiritual awakening played a role here. Learning the things you've told me have a profound effect on my life here in Panama. Panamanians here are referred to as "the Mother of the Holy Land"

. A brief glimpse into the spiritual history of Panama, the indigenous peoples, the natural environment, and the plant life of the plant, explains why this term is true.

History helps us understand why we are today. Some say that Panama came from the ocean when Atlantis sank and bridged North America. Columbus Christopher arrived in 1501, and today there are still consequences of the European invasion. Indigenous people of Panama say that the construction of the Panama Canal in the early 1900s broke the background of the intercontinental gap, disturbing the natural flow between North and South America, which is now to be healed.

Panama's borders contain seven indigenous peoples Live. For example, Embera, who has migrated to Colombia over time. Panama native peoples live alike as Columbus arrived. They maintain their spiritual convictions and practices closely. But they feel deep sadness about the sacred earthly maternity.

Every four years there is peace and dignity. During these spiritual journeys, indigenous runners leave Alaska and Argentina and connect to Panama. Running embodies the prophecy of the eagle and the condor, in which the northern and southern indigenous peoples merge spiritually. Linking runners in Panama reflects Panama's spiritual significance. The next such run will take place in 2012, and of course we know the spiritual significance of 2012.

Thanks to Panama's natural environment, the spirit can be interlinked. The beautiful mountains, forests, rivers and oceans are associated with tropical plants and animal life that contribute to the spiritual energy of the country. The birds' songs and the smell of flowers give us joy and tranquility during our spiritual awakening. More than 30 species of dolphins and whales – the spiritual frequency of the Earth – flourish in the coastal waters of Panama. Indigenous peoples believe that these natural resources can not be owned by anyone because they are in the spirit of God.

Panama's indigenous people continue to practice traditional therapies using the plants harvested from nature. Much of the abundant plant life that thrives here is medicinal and can be used to treat illnesses in the body, in the soul and in the soul.

People living in Panama sooner or later will be affected by the spiritual swirl in which we live. We can apply spiritual knowledge and wisdom when we are here to change our lives and even the whole world.

Source by Roy E Smith

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