Paintball Player Position

Speedball Positions

Speedball paintball positions in the tournament position and are very specific to what role they play in the game. Speedball is playing in an arena environment and usually consists of several bunkers. Such environment requires the use of positions against the playing field

1. Front or Frontman

This is the case for the farthest players. It is the player's responsibility to move forward and his enemies along the way. Front players are usually quick players because they shoot a lot. They shoot a lot and use less paintballs because they have the best nails for shooting. The fronts are generally no more than two players

. Midfielders

Central players are ranked among the front and rear players to support both positions. These players must be able to adapt to changing situations because they must be able to attack and defend themselves. They support all areas of the field and advance or can be used to replace the front or rear areas. As such, this is considered to be the most difficult position in the game of fastball.

3. Back-Players or Backs

These players are placed in the back or last row of bunkers. The roles are simple and the beginners can play as oppressive fire to the first and middle players. Arms are made to secure the deck and support their allies who are laced or supported. Among the positions in the fastball, this position consumes most paintballs.


The Woodsball players' position is very similar to the speedball paintball positions, but some additions to the gaming environment change. Unlike speedball, the forest ball is more tactical-oriented than the opponent

1. Floater

This position is also called roamer. This situation says that the player has no separate position. They act independently and act as supporters or main attackers, but are actually used to overcome the shortcomings of missing teammates

. Sniper

Sniper is a paintball position that has been targeted by long range shooting. They also use half-support for their teammates, as they also counterbalance their fire foe. The sniper can effectively use its power when it has a clear view of the field.

These are positions that are often used in paintball play. Other positions can also be accessed depending on the type of game that is accepted. Keep in mind that paintball needs to be very versatile, but as such, you must be in a position that you are good at helping the team to advertise your victory.

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