Packing Tips for Women

As we all know, women love to pack. But the more is not always better. When traveling, women should consider having two or three skirts, because they are breathable and often dressy and light. Skirts want to go all out, they can easily be dressed. I suggest that you create at least a plain black skirt that goes in any color shirt or blouse, and in most cases it suits.

Shoes are very important too. Most excursions can count on you to do more than usual. A couple of comfortable walking shoes are indispensable. You do not want to ruin your journey with blistering legs that can be easily prevented. For a second pair, consider long-lasting sandals in summer and dark leather in winter. When you bring a new pair of shoes, make sure you break them and you are comfortable with them.

For smaller clothes, such as socks, consider the cotton and nylon blend fabric that dries faster than 100% cotton, which will be harder to dry out in the air. Sporty socks provide cushion to your feet. I'm glad it's always stylish and white boots with walking shoes can not be stylish, but comfort is more important. Underwear, silk or stretch lace underwear can serve as a better purpose because they dry faster than cotton and breathe more than nylon. Do not forget to bring at least two bra to wipe. Sporty bra for dual use – running and tanning.

Source by Kum Martin

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