Outercourse – Guide to Non-penetrant Sex (NPS)

The first thing to be told when speaking from outside is what it is. When I deal with the expedition, I mention it as an alternative to silencing without sex. It is also known as non-penetrating sex (NPS). This definition is not perfect because some people think that oral sex is not circumventing, but that definition is what I will use here. Lately, moving to offspring has meant an alternative to intercourse. youngsters. While it is better for young people to practice NPS than pregnancy by having sex with the unprepared, practice usually leads to intercourse, so it does not only serve as a temporary solution. such a foreplay, this is a restrictive definition. In fact, care can be just as satisfying as intercourse. Some even see it as the highlight of the sexual act. So do not limit yourself, just thinking of a foreplay, you've seen it as another means of your sexual satisfaction. Outercourse: Guide to Outercourse Orgasm

] Overflow is created in many ways but there are some major types:

* Dry hollow milling : This is a simulated sex with a garment that prevents penetration. Usually this underwear because it is easily damaged by the zipper (Believe it!) If falsely. Polishing and sliding of mixing is the simplest way to make this great for women.

* Hand: There are countless ways to boost your partner's hand. In fact, some techniques, such as female squirting orgasm, are easier to handle. Clitoris and G-spot are usually the easiest place to target, but AFE and Deep Spot are also areas that you should consider targeting.

* Breast play: an outforce orgasm (or give it) a woman's breasts. Usually, the nipples are the most sensitive parts of the breasts, so if they are crushed, licked, squeezed and lightly twisted, it is possible that their orgasm comes from this. Many guys also press the breasts, use the liquid to use them as "vagina".

* Legs: There is almost intimate erotic potential in the legs. The woman can rub her clitoris with her thigh to give her some excitement. It can also boost your thighs between your thighs (Interfemoral Intercourse). The guy looks cautious of using lots of water and not ejaculating on the vagina, as this is easy to do. Other parts besides orgasm include the compilation of your legs. This leaves a gap that can be used, and Japanese traditional authors have written odes about the pleasures of this kind of sex. The calves can also be used, although it is tricky.

* Bottoms: Sex with the buttocks is the title of intergluteal sex. This is not sex because the anus is not invaded. Instead, one puts his penis in his butt for another kind of excitement.

* The mouthpiece: This can be a great foreplay or a way to get genital-gender sex without penetration. Here the man nods his penis so that the dry mouth is long. She can rub and drop for a different kind of excitement.

* Oral Sex. Some people think it's outside. This includes the use of tongue or lips on the clitoris and the mouth.

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. That's why you want to make sure it's changing to make things more exciting. See that this is an extra technique, and even if you enjoy coexistence and blend in with out-of-court offers endless opportunities for great sex, where every part of your body will be full of erotic potential

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