Online travel technology and the future of the online travel industry

Online travel portals and travel search engines are more advanced than ever before?

Travel companies are constantly looking for the latest technology to enhance their online presence. This is the main reason online travel website technology has grown faster than any other online related industry. The online Travel Hotel Booking Hotel Market is a very competitive area, and the user's choice depends mainly on three key factors:

  • Website Features
  • ] The selected travel package, flight or flight hotel availability
  • Price (obviously)

Most leading online travel agent or online travel agent who is in contact with one of the highly recognized flight service providers, hotels and / or transfer wholesalers via XML. You can search online users through these suppliers & # 39; its needs apply anywhere in the world.

These online travel sites are constantly expanding their supplier base by regularly adding boutiques, dedicated XML vendors. This offers more hotel, flight and transmission opportunities for web users, enabling us to expand the exposure of new market segments.

Most of the online travel websites implement the latest "filtering technology" on the supplier feeds in real time. This means that they can always provide the consumer with the latest availability information and most importantly the best available price. Most of the leading travel and leisure websites;

  • Ability to handle, adapt, and dynamically develop the system according to marketing and usability considerations
  • Flexibility to handle workload by business development
  • The system guarantees 95% more time
  • Safe backup and recovery processes
  • The ability to launch new websites to new markets.
  • Travel Website and GDS Development Overview.

    Leading travel websites and corresponding systems are based on an open architecture concept, which is an independent platform and multi-level internet technology.

    • Systems Based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
    • Mostly Based on JEE Technologies
    • Using Web Services for External Connections and Data Processing
    • ]

    • Distributed / Multiple Group Development Using SVN

    Summary of Market Analysis of the OTA Market.

    The travel sector is a growing market. Over the next 10 years, the number of travelers has doubled, so the number of travelers who have taken the trip independently has increased steadily, not as an online package.

    In spite of accidental shocks, international tourists grew almost 25 million from the 1950s, to 277 million in 1980, to 438 million in 1990, to 681 million in 2000, and to the current 880 million. By 2020, international arrivals are expected to reach 1.6 billion.

    The total capacity of hotels and similar facilities worldwide is 18.4 million rooms. This has increased by about 3% in the last five years.

    • America 6,500,000 Rooms
    • Asia-Pacific 4,460,000 Rooms
    • 6,550,000 Rooms in Europe
    • Middle East 355,000 room
    • Africa 485,000 Rooms

    The value of hotels booked by online travel agencies (OTA) in 2010 is over $ 22 billion. Second Edition of Online Traffic and Conversion Report – February 2011

    The online travel agent (OTA) focuses on driving sales exclusively through the Internet. This is a well-established and growing market. Online Travel Income in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States, 2006-2010 (% of total trips):

    • 2006: 49% (USA) / 23% (Europe) / 9% (Asia-Pacific)
    • 2007: 52% (US) / 27% (Europe) / 11% (Asia-Pacific)
    • ] 2008: 51% (USA) / 33% (33%) Europe) / 14% (Asia Pacific)
    • 2009: 56% (USA) / 37% (Europe) / 18% (Asia-Pacific)
    • 2010: 59% (USA) / 43% (Europe) / 21% (Asia-Pacific)

    Since 2008, the proportion of adults in the UK who have taken their overseas holidays has increased by 15% to over 54% for two consumers). In 2010, 45% of hotel bookings were made via the Internet.

    Travel competitive advantage over market leaders

    The main competitive advantage is product prices. As you handle OH at a relatively low level, most administrative functions are automated using the latest technology. Hotel and travel packages are so large that larger OTA is hard to find. While working at a margin of about 25%, you can make a 10% profit. This gives us a significant advantage on the market.

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