Online music – Best and Worst on the Internet

Viral widgets allow members to place music site sites on web sites to expand fan base. – Use a variety of tools to promote your music, create buzz, and track your promotional efforts. Announcements for fans – Built-in Facebook, Bebo – Free streaming music

CONS: None

SUGGESTIONS: tool. It's great and interactive for fans to find new music and support independent artists.

– – 5

Tori Amos starring Missy Elliot, as well as independent musicians, music, videos, Stb

Seamless integration with Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, MySpace, Orkut, iTunes – iCast is the artist's text, Sidebar feature allows you to play your favorite musicians free of charge for music and videos

CONS: None

SUGGEST: Definitely yes – To keep in touch with your favorite performers.


Musicians can use their site to show their orchestra. That's nice, but better, Facebook is perfectly integer with iLike (see above overview). The only criticism that Facebook may be confusing to navigate.


iLike operates, but focuses on independent artists seeking independent exposure.

CONTRACTS: RECOGNIZES: The review feature is fun, but ReverbNation and iLike get more.

– 0

Musicians can post music, videos, and customary stuff, but this ground-breaking social networking site has been gradually down. Now that Facebook blurred it, why do you think so?





ITUNES – – 5

Who does not know iTunes? Apple dominates the market with this well-designed program, but you're unlucky if you have an mp3 player like an iPod.

Most Song (8 Million) – Video, Movies, Podcasts and more

RECOMMENDATION: The Gold Standard (ranked first in the Top Ten Reviews).

– 4

Napster has recently lifted its business model from subscription to mp3 sales. Problems with some browsers and platforms have obviously been resolved.

Compatible with all mp3 players – Choosing a huge title (but not as much as iTunes)

pops up saying "Click me to get started" – Monthly $ 12.95 subscription fee if you choose this option

RECOMMENDATION: Recommended by reviewers (based on the best tithing rating).

– 3

One of the most popular music download sites, Rhapsody offers subscription and pay-per-view options but it's not cool to have your thumb on the nose for Mac users.

PRO: Stream unlimited numbers – play and share your music tracks – Easily drag and drop

12.99 subscription when you choose this option – Not all 4.5 million titles can be purchased – Unconditioned songs are encrypted and will not work when subscriptions are rescinded

RECOMMENDATION: Rhapsody receives a good rating from many viewers but offers better opportunities For music broadcasting.


Amazon is currently converting the music catalog to digital downloads. Due to their ubiquity, they are well above iTunes and Napster. They are not really artistically friendly, though musicians are charged with high prizes and annual prizes.

PROS: Great choice of 5 million titles (but less than iTunes and Napster) – Compatible with all mp3 players – No Digital Rights Management coding like iTunes – 89 ¢

Suggestions for Customers, but if you want to support independent musicians, buy your business for iTunes or Napster. Pandora

As you listen to each song, tell Pandora if you like it or not. Pandora finds the answers and finds songs that match the quality of the songs they want. Free – Available iPhone and other mobile phones: In the ongoing work, the "fitting" A little bit of success or absence – you can only allow a limited number of skip options within but within a given time frame but hey, that's a FREE choice for the free music of selected artists and genres.


LIVE365 – – 4

Browse genres or view your favorite artists, check out the details and click on "play". It's so simple.

Ads unless you pay $ 5.95 monthly subscription fee

SUGGEST: In other ways (dead dead, gaming, etc.), but Live365 is fast and easy. Spring for the two dishes if you really defied the ads. – – 4 It is designed for bloggers who like to write about music, but their appeal is much clearer. In addition to listening to millions of songs for free, you can share your opinions, keep current music news that you may miss, and discover the recommendations of users who share the musical tastes.

CONTRACT: Interesting information – Find people what phrases you trust

Cons: To become an expert

SUGGEST: It's worth it, even if you do not intend to publish your own articles. Add


Add your own music library directory (your site imports the list from your music player, Real Player). After you run your account up and running, you can see music from similar music-loving members. Or you can search for songs, artists, or albums that you can enjoy and find related music based on what others are listening to. RECEIVING: FREE You have to change the new music, Click an iTunes or Amazon link to listen to a dalmatian

I found my most relevant matches for my interest, but this is an interesting concept that can improve over time.

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