No one can travel faster at light speed

Some people think that whatever you are, you can never travel faster than light speeds. Recently a member of the correspondent joined in disputes when he actually stated it on such a question. But it does seem to indicate that he can be consciously able to travel as an observer in time.

Another member of the think tank stated that we could send particles or lifestyles on a chemical laser beam in time. The protagonist of the heated debate found these thoughts interesting, and the conceptual tanker who stated that particle return was possible over time; Interestingly, my thoughts on journeys longer than light speeds are interesting, the aggressive protagonist then stated: "If a person ever has the ability to move at the speed of light at a higher speed, there will be no more people because they will experience a change of consciousness and not all Einstein and others' theories will be applied. "

I totally disagree with this notice that if a person is moving faster than light speed, then it is likely to be light or pure energy like Einstein's theories, so in this case the theories will indeed prove their sentence and until again we do not edit this sentence, we have validated Einstein's theory of relativity

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Do you ever think about time travel or speed of light? This is something you want to argue If so, then you know where to go to discuss, what are your thoughts in time, space, energy, mass and light? Tell about this and think about it in 2006.

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