Nimman Chiang Mai

Nimman Chiang Mai

from Chiang Mai, Thailand

The largest city in the North Thai Highlands, hugging the mountains lies on three sides surrounds it. It is also one of Thailand's most famous areas, with breathtaking traditional treasures and rich cultural heritage. The city's two most popular areas are Nimman and Chiang Mai Old Town.

Choosing a place to stay in Chiang Mai can be a bit of a challenge as this city is so interesting and has many attractions. It seems that 70% of Thai tourists add this city as one of them has to visit Thailand. This percentage is steadily increasing as this city becomes more popular over the years, very quickly.

Nimman Road Chiang Mai The Nimman road in Chiang Mai does not shine at your first glance as it is not exactly the metropolitan area. However, to think that this is just a descended street cannot be further from the truth. In fact, as you go on the road, you will notice that this is the city's most advanced business and nightlife center.

Area and Location
The Nimman road in the background of the mountains is located on the western side of the city, just a few kilometers from the old town. This area was developed in the early 2000s and is still growing rapidly and continuously. The full name of "Nimmanhaemin" comes from the name of the oldest family in the city

Nimman Chiang Mai, a mixture of road and neighborhood, urban and rural, mixed, pleasant and adjoining young people. in the crowd as the road is parallel to the University and 1-2 km away. The surrounding area is surrounded by a lively and warm area and is considered a very safe place for the family to live and raise.

Nimman is the area where the high society lives and for young people to live and hang, mainly because of the nightlife they offer and the convenient cost of living in Chiang Mai . The current population features: young elderly people, students, people arriving at short intervals, investors and businessmen. The area is the most modern, elegant and fashionable area of ​​Chiang Mai. All you need is literally a short walk away.

Nimman Attractions, Shopping, Activities
Sois (thai streets) are alleyways on one side of the Nimman Road. All Soi has ample comfort. The right-hand sois in the Maya shopping mall behind you is numbered, and the left-wing couples are odd.

Apart from the alleles that link the sois, you can find seductive residential buildings, villas and apartments, typical of the Nimman Road. It is not difficult to find rents because there are many signs to indicate this. The security of such alleles is that people leave the back doors open in the gentle afternoon wind.

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