Network Or Die – The irreverent online survival tip for aspiring bloggers

Here's a question;

"What keywords do you still have to formulate that will guarantee you one of the results on Google?"

It is possible that there is not much. And if you find one, there will be something that only some people think about searching. I think somewhere in the mating habits of hermaphrodite iguanas. This is a way.

By optimizing the search engine, you put aside the keyword analysis and optimum positioning can only be done. Nowadays, if you are blogging about a mainstream idea, there is not enough squatting room to know how many miles through the minds of the target audience. But I would be stupid if I condemn the SEO techniques and miracles that you can do with your blog. This is a well-proven method that works, and that's why everyone has to work with it.

Another proven method that is as old as the world and for every blogger is networking. It should be easy enough to master it as it was born to them. The moment we got into this world and screamed their first grave, we've been networking. We had a lot of fun and people around us noticed. And if we did not shout when we came out, the intervening doctors urged us to strike a lame blow with our bottom, saying, "Welcome to the real world, kid or network or die." When doctors close this to babies just born, this is not just a proposal; they really want to cuddle their tonsils.

Networking comes to the other in the hope that effort is in interaction. In the blogosphere, this is the most direct approach to managing traffic to your blog. The most accessible. Fortunately, the internet is a great network community. Everyone is dying for each other to achieve this and that goal. All you have to do is extend your hand and see who bites first.

A new blogger can start commenting on other people's blogs, leaving the blog address and waiting for these bloggers to return to your site. This is the simplest of all network approaches and the most effective, but the most time consuming. However, due to efforts to leave comments, the blogger you visit is almost bound to visit the comment blogger page. Almost because some bloggers are so big that they get normal comments that comment on anything they send and this is not possible to visit blogs for commentaries.

So, if your goal is to have a hop-back, carefully select the blogs you are commenting on. Small and medium sized blogs (with regard to the ideas and comments received) are the best chances for this goal. This does not mean that the remark for such great blogs does not serve any purpose. If you leave a pretty interesting comment, visitors to the blog are interested in visiting your site as well. What drives the point home is if you want to make a comment, then make the comment.

The next best network approach is connecting to social networking. A community net I highly recommend to The rest you can find yourself with. I've been blogging tag more than a week ago and really boosted my traffic. Do I now get riders from the surrounding community, do 3 visits a day? But hey, no traffic is bad traffic. I'll do whatever I can.

However, when you join communities, you try to feel your presence. Do not just be a manger in these places, mix it up! Participate! Start a Conversation! But please do not spam! Nothing gets faster from the community than spamming. Here is another comment, delicacy. You can be courageous, but not so desperate to appear. This is pathetic. Observe and acknowledge the community culture before discussing the discussions.

There are still many other networking opportunities for those who are willing to spend time. But for beginners, focus on these two approaches. Network and get those very important relationships. Of course, all of these suppose you already have a good content on your blog. Without good content – not really, I know many sites where content sucks, but in any case they hit these hits, which shows that even if it does not connect hell with pants from Winnie the Pooh, it will continue to You may remain.

But if you are not, if you feel that networking reduces you, you have to start thinking about blogging at all.

Source by Javier D

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