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Russia has been a long way since the communist government has become more democratic and I use this word with a loose, stylish government. In many respects, Russian citizens live in the same way as Americans, and most of the modern comforts the Americans have. Most existing controls restricting travel and restricting the freedom of the residents are no longer effective or have little effect. The gentle relaxation of the rulers, as always, opened the door for foreigners to travel freely, and thus the wave of tourists arrives in Russia more and more often. Russian capitalists are an important source of income for the developing economy for tourists. This is great for tourists and for those who are always curious about what's behind the iron curtain and want to take a look. As far as I'm concerned, one of those looking for more adventure travel is grateful for the opportunity I had to travel to Russia and I had to spend a lot of time.

The New Worlds such as this does not cause trouble, and unfortunately, if you travel to Russia, you have to be ready to meet at least some. This does not mean that Russian travel is more difficult because it does not altogether. By way of comparison, it is much harder to travel to Russia than any other modern country, but if problems arise, it will usually be hard to beat Russia, and this is why pre-planning and preparation provides tremendous help. When in America a quick mobile phone call solves most of the problems, but in Russia, where most American mobile phones do not work, it can quickly paralyze the difficulty of quickly solving the problems, especially if this person is not very experienced on traveling abroad. This is sometimes the first finding that Americans are talking about how comfortable things are in America. Russia is a big country, and it seems that when problems occur, they are similar.

First of all, do not let me say anything in this article, scare you to visit Russia. It is true that Russia is not the Garden of Eden, but it is a wonderful place to experience, especially if we are willing to leave the tourist traps of larger cities. It is a fact that most of my trip to Russia is located in the eastern part of the country in Siberia, and I am glad of that fact. This in itself has made it possible for me to attract the country in a way that most tourists will never. Siberia is another world. The government control of Moscow looks very remote and it seems we are in a peaceful world where people are just living in everyday life. This is also where I live temporarily, and it only adds to the experience, but this is another article. In Russia, taxi drivers and those looking for something for tourists, most of the people they meet will be very friendly. The problem is that you probably will not meet the majority of Russians as they are not associated with strangers or strangers. In my experience, I found that the Russians are difficult to meet, but after the introduction, they usually become very friendly and accepting people.

If you are planning on traveling to Russia, Moscow has any international location, you have a chance to fly to Sheremetyevo Airport and that is exactly what this article is about. It is not difficult to make a trip to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, but you need some prior information and knowledge or one of the above mentioned problems, and it is likely that you will be lost and you will be very bad Trying to resolve the situation. The Russians working at the airport emphasize that anyone working at airports needs to deal with them, and more often than not, when they need help, they will be on those days when they are reluctant to stay there, and they are happy to solve it for someone else The problem. Generally, this other person is the one who is waiting to help you and to raise as much money as at the same time. They will solve the problem, but it will cost you a bit. Some advance knowledge allows you to avoid this situation. 19459002

The first advice I travel to Russia needs to buy at least a few rubles before it arrives in the country. It is true that you can not be as good at the exchange rate, so do not use your entire budget so far, but at least buy a hundred dollars. Once you arrive, you will need the Ruble before meeting a seat with the cash changeover. If you fly to Aeroflot, Russian National Airlines, you will get more money for your machine if you use Rubles. I noticed that the conversion to the US dollar was very loosely counted by the cabin crew. Basically, with you taking the Ruble with you, life becomes much simpler and your first experience in Russia will be positive, as opposed to stress and hardship. 19459002

I was surprised when I first flew to Sheremetyevo airport, Not a big airport for the size of the terminals. As Moscow was the capital of Russia, I expected Sheremetyevo to be a big airport but only for the eyes, that's not the case. One thing you have to know in advance is that the airport consists of two separate terminals and are not close to each other. In fact, they are probably one mile or more apart. The international terminal is Severementyo terminal 2. The domestic terminal is Terminal 1. First we will concentrate on the international terminal, Terminal 2. If you arrive from an international location, follow the passengers when you leave the aircraft. Enter the terminal and walk your path through a glass-sloped passageway because it looks like the entire district is in the building. I remember when I first walked through this corridor, I felt as if it were on everyone's other side of the glass wall.

At the end of the corridor, Then you will come to a staircase leading to the Customs and Immigration Checkpoint. You must follow the other passengers again, and there will be a line in front of you, like trolleys, in tents in America. There will be many lines, but most of the same and just go through. After you go to the stand, you will need to show your passport, visa and immigration form to be handed over to the airline. It's all about customs control, but you definitely have to fill out the immigration card on the airplane as there is no time for this terminal to be given. They check the documents and inspect their passport in the computer, stamp their passports and Immigration Cards. It is called a migration card. The whole process takes only a few minutes and there is no problem. Once you have passed through the checkpoint you have to go to the baggage area directly in front of you. You will see the conveyors. At Sheremetyevo airport, when you arrive on an international flight as we have talked and transferred to another domestic flight, your luggage and then the Terminal 1, the Domestic Terminal, have messages that say that If less than 4 hours have passed, your luggage will be transferred to you, but my implementation has always been longer so I have no experience with this. I always had to collect my baggage, carry it with me and re-examine it at terminal 1. I have no experience with the resettlement less than 4 hours, but I can not leave the terminal in uncertainty and my luggage is over. If time is available, I will hang and see if it will appear on the conveyor belt. In addition, this is the best time to meet Americans as everyone is waiting for and you can always hear English conversation.

As soon as he collects his luggage, you will go directly behind a "TRANSIT" corridor. It is not difficult to find, as all you have to do is follow the masses. As you leave the baggage area, there are officials who stand under the "TRANSIT" sign to check the baggage in theory, but never checked in Sheremetyevo. I've seen them check others, so I think they have to do it randomly. I just try to act as if I know what I'm doing, I do not see eye and move on. No problem for them to check baggage, but I just prefer interruptions. This "TRANSIT" corridor leads directly to the Terminal and you have no way of changing the currency, but you will need Rubles to get the TRANSIT bus to Terminal 1.

This Is the point where prior knowledge will be very useful. It's important to know how to move between the terminals without losing your arm or leg to the taxi bandits. As you leave the terminal, you are constantly bothered, but if you continue to move and say nothing or shake your head, everything goes smoothly. In addition to the terminal, there are two basic ways to relocate. Or you can get the official shuttle bus to a very few rubles or taxis and sign at least one of your kids. The first trip to Russia, advised me how to get the shuttle bus, and I'm glad I was. Then I talked to travelers who told me they were paying $ 80 for a taxi to take them to the 5-minute journey between the terminals. Later, according to my own experience, taxiing bandits approached the bids of the previously mentioned $ 80 down to the lowest of $ 20, but none were lower than that. The shuttle bus is ideal and anyone would tell you to use this option.

Outside the terminal to catch the shuttle bus you need to do, find the shuttle bus sign on one of the pillars of a building First row to the city. Once you find it, just stand there and wait for the right bus as shown in the picture. Do not take green stripes or red or red striped buses. They stand in the same general neighborhood, but these are urban buses, and if you discover one of them, you will not tell where you're going to go. The shuttle bus wanted is a white bus with a blue stripe. They also indicate the price in the window and the posted price is 15 Rubles, but I found out that this price is officially changing based on the leadership mood and the number of bags. During my last trip I went to 3 big bags, which required a lot of effort on the bus and reported 30 rubles, which are still $ 1.50. That's why I said to make money before I came to the country. The shuttle bus runs every hour and in my experience it is very timely.

I heard that they complained about waiting outside the bus, but personally, sitting for several hours in air, I hugged the Opportunity to breathe air and breathe Russian air. After all, did you come to experience Russia? If you want to go back to the terminal's landing page to get the currency, but not because I do not like the excess luggage being pulled up and scanned again. But there is one thing to be aware of! If you want to eat, visit the internet cafe, shop or snacks, it is best to re-enter the International Terminal and do it now, even if that does not mean that you are pulling the packages because there are very few people, Almost no support services (eg souvenir shops, internet cafes) at the domestic terminal.

After a 5-minute drive, the transit bus will drop right in front of the domestic terminal. As you enter, you will see that it is very small and spartan, and if you do not feel the congestion when you arrive it will be soon. What you need to do is find the place as fast as possible and sit with your luggage about two hours before your scheduled flight time, then check and check your luggage. Yeah, you really have to sit down with all your packages. The goal is to find the best seat, sit down and stay there. If you find a place if you are so lucky and you decide to stand without someone saving you, it will disappear quickly and you will stand until another one opens up and since obviously everybody knows this rule very few They'll get it until it's time to go.

During my first trip I had a wonderful seat at the end of a row, plenty of space, but I decided to have a snack and I went there. When I came back, there was no more space and I was standing for 3 hours at the missed seat. One good idea is to find a friendly person who returns the language in the baggage claim area at the international terminal. Meet a conversation, chat with them, and maybe hang out at the Domestic Terminal. In general, I always meet Americans on the airplane or in the luggage area because they can hear them talk and the introduction is not difficult in such circumstances. During my last trip I met with Americans and looked at each other while we had a variety of excursions in the snack bar, in the phone, in a smoke break (as it was not allowed at the terminal) and in the other rooms. Life is infinitely better if you can accomplish this. If you are alone, you must take your luggage to the restroom unless you have a friend who can help you look at it.

At the domestic terminal, the regiment is roughly the same as any other airport. The flights are announced two hours before the announcement and this is the start of the login. But you have to be careful to listen to the aviation announcements as they are announced in Russian and the best you can hope to hear the destination and the flight number. If you're not sure what you've heard or you just want to check your computer, you have an electronic flight board to check if your flight is boarding and yes, you have an English page. He'll tell you if his flight gets in and what gate number he needs to go. The gates are somewhat confused as the board can say that you have to sign in at Gate 27 but Gate 27 will not be visible until it passes through the numbered security gates 1 to 4. Any security gate opens, You'll see the gate number. At check-in, standard documents are required and are not difficult to communicate. Hand signals are used very effectively.

If you leave the country, the same procedures apply to terminals. Accounting of customs duties in Russia is not that difficult, provided that they have the right documents and assuming that they have legally entered the country. Russian Customs Agents are not as profitable as in the United States, but after getting into a safe area, and TSA, Delta or contract security personnel search for the bag, it's as thorough as the United States. Then, when you enter the current boarding card, your bag is searched again. This time, they will be local companies or Russian uniforms. Last time I went, there were individuals who wore two different uniforms against portable bags. One of the uniforms seemed official, so I chose those who applied to Russian uniforms. I do not know exactly who these inspectors were, but my friend's girlfriend chose the other group. They spent 10 minutes after all the cracks in your bag and opened all the things you wanted to open. People looking for my bag surrounded me, quickly glimpsed and walked over. I'm not saying there is any skill or method you need to follow in this situation. I felt lucky, but I'll show you how many kinds of breeds you meet in every situation. All in all, traveling to Russia is not difficult as any other country, but planning ahead is prudent. Learn more as much as you can before you leave and do not rely entirely on your travel agency to provide this information. My agent did not say anything about Sheremetyevo's two terminals and I would have lost one of my Russian friends I visited. Russia is a beautiful country with many wonderful people and does not see military uniforms and Russian architecture that we have seen so many images; Sometimes it's easy to forget that you were in the Communist Soviet Union at that time. If you want my advice, go out of big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg and visit some small towns or even go to Siberia while experiencing and experiencing the miracle of the other side of Russia.

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